Kway creates layered, rich, and emotive songs

Born in Houston, Texas, Kway’s early artistic influences are expressed through his music, which is heavily fused with his experiences of moving to the UK at a young age.  As a musician on the UK scene, Kway effortlessly combines elements of the musicality to expose the pain of his past experiences, with the playfulness of his personality to touch on themes and stories that his listeners can see themselves reflected in.

Initially classically trained in the violin and the viola, we can hear his emphasis on musicality and the attention to detail in the tracks he creates. Nothing seems unintentional about his creative process, despite his laidback persona. Unapologetically difficult to pigeonhole Kway’s music is varied and playful, touching on a plethora of genres, musical influences and personal traumas to create layered, rich, and emotive songs.

Kway is on radio rotation with the track “Kold Hearted”. ‘Kold Hearted’ is a melodic track born out of the challenging life experiences that left me emotionally scared, thus rendering me ‘cold hearted’ – Kway

Connect with Kway @jjfromkway – SpotifyYouTube

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