New Releases

Cherie Laurent – “Daddy” – a soaring epic with an intimate and heartfelt message!

“Daddy” is a wonderfully glorious soaring epic with an intimate and heartfelt message, where Australian TV star, Songwriter, Producer and Singer Cherie Laurent, communicates her [more…]


The Plugz Europe has contributed to a broad array of international music projects


The Plugz Europe, also known as Pablo, started 20 years ago as a rapper, and is now a Dutch successful entrepreneur, executive producer, composer, author [more…]

Twenty Questions

INTERVIEW with Andrey Chmut – A Ukrainian saxophonist, composer and producer


Andrey Chmut is a Ukrainian saxophonist, composer and producer. Andrey works with Bob James, Julio Iglesias jr, Valery Stepanov, Eric Moore, U-Nam, Jamala, Tina Karol [more…]