New Releases

Downtown Mystic – ‘3-Way Heartbreak’ managed to endure the test of time!


One of the things Downtown Mystic notoriously excel at, is masking emotional lyrics with upbeat, driving-with-the-windows-rolled-down kind of melodies. Their double-side single, ‘3-Way Heartbreak’, which [more…]


Radiana: “There’s Only One Person I Hate More Than You” – a throw back to authentic alternative music!

Steven Deal and Lisa Hammer have joined forces in Radiana. Deal composed and plays lead guitar and drums, while Hammer performs all vocals, with Daniel [more…]


Nicki Kris: ‘You’ve Got A Hold On Me’ – a suggestive and voluptuous soundscape!


Active voting member of The Recording Academy, Nicki Kris is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina. She is influenced by several of today’s top artists, plus top female [more…]


Erik Odsell: “Searching For Lost Boys Island” – these songs fly and soar into your memory!


Erik Odsell is a Swedish songwriter and recording artist. As a small child there were two ways to always make Erik calm. One way was [more…]

Reviews Video Of The Week

DaVido and the LiBeatos: “Running Every Red Light” – 21st Century rock n’ roll!

If you grew up in the 60’s, the opening bars of “Running Every Red Light,” immediately conjures up images of the swiveling-hipped rock n’ roll that [more…]