New Releases

Or Golan – “There Is No Chance For Us” adds another impressive chapter to his work

In the cutthroat world of the independent music industry, success is often measured by the number of streams, downloads, and sales an artist can generate. [more…]

New Releases

PUPPENGOTT – “Was ist vom Leben zu erwarten?” a dark malicious crushing ambiance!

PUPPENGOTT (“Doll god”) is an industrial black metal project from Germany, founded in 2020 just before the pandemic. The artist behind the project is Jonas [more…]

New Releases

Standing By… – “Chaos Theory” – flawless lyricism, spellbinding deliveries, and magnetic production!

Akya, Daylon, and Rece piece together their individual styles into a working piece of collaborative art known as Standing By… On becoming friends, the East [more…]

New Releases

Dav!d&Clara – “Ain’t No Such Thing” – a sound that deserves to be its own genre!


Dav!d&Clara do not simply write songs, they construct intriguing music with use of minimal synth sounds and lyrical imagery. What has always been fascinating about [more…]

New Releases

JERA – “The Muse” is filled with emotive beauty, nuanced introspection, and a resplendent aura!

JERA is an Alternative-Metal composer and solo music project from USA. Established in 2019, JERA has already released previously released two albums, and a series [more…]


DF Security offers full-service security solutions

DF Security offers full-service security solutions, which include; Industrial, Mobile Patrol, Educational, Distribution, Special Events Security Training, Healthcare and Residential services. They are proud of the fact [more…]

New Releases

They Drew Their Plans Against Us – “Derealize” – a singular and distinctive industrial-metal sound

“They Drew Their Plans Against Us are an industrial-metal/experimental band from Parts Unknown. Members and musicians change from song-to-song and each project is set to [more…]

New Releases

DAV!D&CLARA – Confessions Of The Machine VOL​.​2: Blood of the machine – emotionally charged!

From the thick, booming sub-bass detonations to the thunderous growling synths that strike down with thunderous might, every track sounds both bigger and more sophisticated, [more…]

New Releases

DAV!D&CLARA: “CONFESSIONS OF THE MACHINE” leads us on a cerebral exploration

The album, “CONFESSIONS OF THE MACHINE” was initially expected to be released in 2020, but DAV!D (David Castillo) and his computer CLARA, better known as [more…]


illrecur: “Mnemonics” is capable of transporting you to within an earshot of his mindset in an instant!

Music is a powerful ‘stream of consciousness’ enhancer, because it literally lights up both hemispheres of your brain, releasing a constant current of dopamine. The [more…]

New Releases

Vessel Decimal: “CONVERSION: Level Two” is an album that will require all of your attention

Those of us who are fans of the Cleveland founded band, Vessel Decimal, might occasionally wonder why they aren’t more popular. Well, the answer is [more…]