New Releases

Bright Fires: “The Scenic Route EP” – an immersive, wildly action-packed journey!

Bright Fires the Houston, Texas based post-hardcore/emo alternative rock band, is back with a brand new EP, entitled “The Scenic Route EP” (Release Date August 6, [more…]


American Spirits: “Nowhere Near Perfect” – intellectually sharp and instinctually captivating!

Since being launched in 2017, Bowling Green, Ohio, Indie Rock band, American Spirits, have also founded The Summit Shack, a local DIY venue that has [more…]


Shellshock Lullaby: “A Lighter Shade” – a coalescence of heart-wrenching vocals and powerful melodies

Formed in Butte, Montana September of 2010, Shellshock Lullaby, is the artistic vision of singer-songwriter Russ Nelson. The project has released 3 EP’s so far, [more…]

New Releases

Anxious Houseguest: “Second Guessing Everything” – a patient, thoughtful gamut of emotional disclosures

I won’t be the one to say that Anxious Houseguest is the last artist to not be overtaken by indie cynicism and shallowness, because there [more…]


HOLLYWOOD HEARTACHE: “Sarah Says” – The song begs to be cranked all the way up!

Australian pop band HOLLYWOOD HEARTACHE who hail from Brisbane consist of vocalist AJ Hawkins, vocalist-guitarist Kevin Kojima, vocalist-bassist Will Parsons and drummer Josh Entwistle. Formed [more…]


L&M Music: “Used To” – a good mix of emotional pop-punk with soulful lyrics and powerful chords!

L&M Music is Luke Stayskal (Vocals, Guitar), Matthew Keusey (Drums). The duo has released a couple of tracks, including the single “Used To”. From the [more…]

New Releases

Stories & Morals: “Read Between the Lines” – The riffs, vibe and subject matter all tick the boxes!

Stories & Morals is not simply a title, but singer/songwriter, Anthony’s way of expressing his life experiences through music. Growing up in Massachusetts, Anthony was [more…]