L&M Music: “Used To” – a good mix of emotional pop-punk with soulful lyrics and powerful chords!

L&M Music is Luke Stayskal (Vocals, Guitar), Matthew Keusey (Drums). The duo has released a couple of tracks, including the single “Used To”. From the first timid acoustic notes lead singer Stayskal effortlessly emotes with a fragility and sensitivity over a delicate guitar dominated, but richly layered, mid-tempo musical backdrop. Overall, L&M Music creates a good mixture of emotional pop-punk with soulful lyrics and powerful chords. This track is aimed at those who have passed through an age of rebellion and regret and have a bit more of a personal perspective on life. The song is full of melody, and catchy riffs and hooks, but lyrically this is almost grown up punk.

Matthew Keusey
Matthew Keusey

With full vocal expression and a relentless spirit, Luke Stayskal’s voice is perfectly suited for this kind of music.  This slower tempo, showcasing the duo’s versatility will convince the listener that punk-influenced music can successfully deliver songs on the more touching, emotional side too. And though Stayskal’s voice cuts through the air like a crystal, probably giving you the shivers; the music does not linger far behind in the accolade department either.

Every instrument has something special to bring to the song. Nothing gets shot out of the spotlight. Everything mixes so well and everything stands out equally. Matthew Keusey’s drumming technique is awesome. He plays simply and tastefully, in a genre usually associated with straight-up, in-your-face performances. The collaboration between Luke Stayskal’s guitar strumming and Keusey’s lock tight drumming is great, as is the entire arrangement.

Again, I think Stayskal’s voice really shines on this track (as it does on 90 Degrees, for that matter), but the lyrics are also a main attraction for me. It’s also really easy to get into the words as the vocals are so crystal clear. I find them to be particularly poignant and meaningful on “Used To”. One of the trademarks that I always appreciate in good lyrics is the use of symbolism and metaphors. It usually gives songs more depth, imagery and more meaning.

L&M Music make sparing but excellent use of these techniques in delivering a powerful message. It’s the melancholic and poetic nature of it that will make me keep coming back for more. “Used To” really deserves much more attention. It’s a well-balanced and captivating piece of work, and a track that gets better with more listens. L&M Music, seem to make music that will not burn out quickly. Another prime example of their particular brand of emotional punk!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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