Berto G – “HIDE” (Prod. by Raybeats) – an incredibly expressive artist

In a music world where genre-blending is slowly becoming the norm, Emo Rap finds itself getting mixed across the music scene in some pretty incredible ways. One of its latest players Berto G, brings his mix of Alternative R&B and Emo on his track “HIDE” (Prod. by Raybeats). He’s a talented rapper with a penchant for mellifluous melodies, witty punch lines and, when he feels like it, heart-wrenching emo ballads.

When faced with inward turmoil, or from outside sources, individuals must choose where to turn, and thus who to trust in. One can look inside of themselves, seeking answers to their affliction, or perhaps one may seek peace in reason, using earthly resources to fill their inner void. Only a select few, can find solace in their hyper-emotional musical performances. Emo singers and rappers like Berto G, fall into this latter category.

A relatable song like “HIDE” (Prod. by Raybeats) is able to form a deep connection with its audience, as fans embrace this kind of revealing heartfelt songs with open arms. On the form shown with this release, Berto G will soon be building a reputation as being an incredibly expressive artist.

Connect with Berto G on SOUNDCLOUD.

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