New Releases

Papa Roy Foundation – “Out of the Darkness” – Intelligent production, earworm compositions and finely tuned vocal performances


Papa Roy Foundation are one of the most interesting underground acts to come out in recent years. Their first full length record “Out of the [more…]


Jassem Hashmi – ‘Music in the Making Vol X’ pioneers his own exotic sound!

Jassem Hashmi a.k.a JRemixOfficial or Dj Jas, is a Producer and Promoter with a love for Bhangra, Dhole and fusion. He has been making music [more…]

New Releases

Papa Roy Foundation – “Can’t Stay Here” maintains a slick level of focus and flow

Following every move Papa Roy Foundation make is like being guided through a twisting universe of dancefloor groove, radio-pop melody, and streetwise rap; you don’t quite know [more…]

New Releases

Skuadrum – “From Today” ft. David Luke takes the listener on an unmitigated aural journey!

Skuadrum’s single release “From Today” ft. David Luke, takes the listener on an unmitigated aural journey through the outer reaches of both retro and futuristic [more…]

New Releases

Donmosjbat drops the single “Wanna Rock n Roll”

Donmosjbat is an unsigned indie songwriter, composer, and singer, from Nigeria who also edits most of his videos. He composed and directed the songs; Chairman [more…]