Sinatic – “Hands On You” – great vocals and sophisticated production in one stunning package!

Born and raised in Bottrop, Germany, Thomas Rybka who goes by the moniker of Sinatic is a self-taught, multi-talented musician, and producer who is at the fulcrum of an evolving pop and chill-out scene. Sinatic, who is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way, has many garnered plaudits, and worked for Billboard artists like Sean Paul, Akon, Paul Rozmus and X-Factor USA female artist Jazzlyn Little. His most notable works include the albums, “Chill Out Essentials”, “Trance Classics” and “Music Fusion”. Currently Sinatic is riding high with his multitrack single, “Hands On You”, which features three different mixes of the song.

Without doing anything transcendental, Sinatic is one of a handful of producers with the ability to push the envelope of electronic music whenever he drops a new song. His breathtaking productions on “Hands On You” each contain the same ingenuity despite being their own unique tour de force. Not only does the scintillating project go above and beyond, musically, but it also contains meticulous female vocals that illuminate the arrangements.

With a trailblazing sound that is club-ready, yet radio-friendly, Sinatic is positioning himself miles ahead of the competition. Remaining relentless with the constant propulsion of his craft, he is able to deliver at the highest level on “Hands On You”.

Sinatic opens the 3-song set with the Radio Edit – a clean and pristine synthwave mix which aims directly for the Top 40 charts. The overall sound is smooth, ear-warming and mellifluous, with just enough electronic twists to give it a glossy high-tech finish.

Up next is the Ballad Mix, which is a slow burn of endearing melodic bliss. Richly layered airy vocals, dance and weave their way across luscious piano chords and acoustic-guitar interludes. Every now and then electronic music speaks directly to the soul.

And every so often the stars align to perfectly attune a particular song to match an emotional moment in time for the listener. That’s how this ballad sounds. It gathers the great vocals and all of Sinatic’s sophisticated production wares, into one stunning package.

The 8OUN7 Remix, switches up the intensity and tempo dials, for a real dancefloor thriller, with somersaulting synths and dynamic percussion. The massive keyboard motifs and badass bass drops, will have you ready to zip through a neon drenched world at high speed.

It is stellar, because Sinatic knows his music, and he knows how to move a crowd with frequent climaxes, seamless transitions and seductive melodies. All of which he builds into this one track that rises and falls in spectacular fashion.

All-round, the music on “Hands On You” is simply beautiful, with lovely atmospheres and brilliant arrangements, which serve to excellently highlight the one-of-a-kind vocals which have an intoxicating quality.

The diverse mixes are infectious enough to cross over from the dance to the pop charts. The single serves as an excellent addition to Sinatic’s growing catalogue of hit-sounding songs — and one that will be on heavy rotation this coming winter.

Each mix is a rich and elegant construction that clearly reflects in the music; emotion after emotion. “Hands On You” contains an infinite number of unforgettable moments, both musically and vocally.


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