Figguhlator: “The Case” – sheer force of will!

Frederick Bushau Boyd better known artistically as Figguhlator, is an American rapper and singer, born and raised in Miami, Florida. Boyd found his passion in music as an adolescent, where he worked as a disc jockey assembling Sound Systems and spinning records throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County. At the age of 19 he began recording his very own music, and after a series of arrests, in 2016 he relocated to Atlanta Georgia with the intent of seriously pursuing his passion for music. He went on to release his debut single “Head Poppa” which quickly garnered 20k views on his YouTube channel.  Galvanized by offers from a few labels around Atlanta, Figguhlator has independently dropped his latest single, entitled “The Case” produced by CAM.

This is no misguided attempt at pumping out a potential pop crossover, instead, the artist and his producer, have focused on doing what they do best, and at the highest possible quality. All over “The Case”, you can hear Figguhlator’s virtuosity humming alongside CAM’s penchant for making beats as huge as possible.

The result is unique, cinematic-sized production that’s deeply rooted in Atlanta’s music scene. Figguhlator’s raw verses serves as a reminder that in rap, one can make a massive impression simply through uncompromising quality, and sheer force of will.

If you want an amazingly produced, sonically pleasing track with a deep message then you need to hear this shit for real.

“The Case” is not about laying down verses full of complex rhyme schemes and interlocking metaphors, but rather about delivering razor-sharp wordplay and realistic storytelling.  The emotiveness is also strengthened by a musicality that exceeds the artist’s previous work.

Figguhlator’s lyrical talent is pure and visceral, and his approach is all about craft and impact. You can feel the pride in every punchline setup and the catharsis in every unspooled rhyme scheme.

In “The Case”, Figguhlator flexes his storytelling muscles more than ever before, with his bars revealing the extremes of hood dominance and the consequences thereof, while reserving the final drama for the end of the track.

The beat fits in with the fierce verbal display by Figguhlator, suggesting a throwback to an era when emcees’ lyricism was central to their identities. “The Case” conveys a lot of emotion and atmosphere, but which the rapper balances with moments of nostalgia and encouragement.

The gravity in his words is matched by the sound of the production. Figguhlator shows dexterity in how he approaches the song, frequently switching his cadence and delivery. The candid cinematic nature of the track can make it feel as if we’re invading Figguhlators hood. But his honesty and clarity is intentional and it’s bound to deepen the connection between himself and his fans.

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