MVJOR ARCVNA: “The Last Word in Love”- a gripping melody and textured soundscape

Jaron Pearlman aka MVJOR ARCVNA, is an audio engineer, backing musician, and songwriter who grew up in Asheville NC, and is now based in Atlanta GA. Over the years he has toured and recorded with a wide range of artists, including The Indigo Girls, The Shadowboxers, Amor Kismet, Mercury Jackson and more. MVJOR ARCVNA is revered by many critics – and certainly by us – as one of the most quintessential independent producers currently around, standing almost alone in his ability to mix catchy crossover EDM-Pop sounds with complex rock-styled songwriting, and igniting the electronic underground in a truly unprecedented fashion. We could not be more enthralled that MVJOR ARCVNA has released his latest single, “The Last Word in Love”.

The track takes you deep into the world of MVJOR ARCVNA that you may, or may not already be familiar with, and mesmerizes with his new material. Already a master of layers and sequenced progression, different pieces come together in “The Last Word in Love” to a tell the full range of an anthemic and emotional story.

This time, more mature in his sound and more expansive as a whole than we are used to, MVJOR ARCVNA rises to new heights. Listening to the chord progressions and lusciously intense instrumentation, it’s easy to understand that MVJOR ARCVNA is to EDM, what progressive is to rock.

Whether you’re a die-hard MVJOR ARCVNA fan or you’re listening to his music for the first time, you can’t help but acknowledge “The Last Word in Love” as being undeniable for what it is. An iconic track of 21st-century crossover music that’s so expansive and far-reaching it outgrows its very genre blend, unable to be contained within any box or label.

The track soars with a powerful melody from the opening bar and only grows stronger and more captivating with each verse and chorus. The lead vocals and harmonies showcase MVJOR ARCVNA’s ability to craft gripping melodies and textured soundscapes into one expertly mixed track.

The Atlanta based producer is on a flourishing trajectory throughout this track, and his unique musicality and inspired production prowess knows no bounds. MVJOR ARCVNA’s career seems not only to be on the verge of underground dominance, but also leaning towards mainstream notoriety at times.

He’s got a way with shimmering chord structures, and his soul-bending melodies pay heed to the modern day chart busters. “The Last Word in Love” strikes a fine balance of effortless uplifting progressions and inspiring vocals.

While capturing a firm sense of authoritative synth shots he drops a glimmering retro-styled solo that reeks of classic synth-pop, before pivoting into another euphoric chorus and firmly reiterating his entrancing modus operandi. There’s more than just emotion and the vibes are incredibly overpowering here.

“The Last Word in Love” is a stunning melodic anthem, with its riveting arrangement and rich instrumentation. There’s something incredibly unique and inspiring with MVJOR ARCVNA’s sound design on this one!


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