Zawles: “Fresher Than That” opens the lyrical flood gates!

Matthew P. Gonzales – to most of the world – is known as Zawles, the rapper with a flow like no other. Zawles has been on and off for a while, but now he is back with his latest single titled “Fresher Than That” produced by OBMusic. There are several notable things about this track. The Zawles flow is here in all its might from the very first bar.

Unlike most artists, Zawles does not save the best for last; he serves the best right from start to finish. His flow is resonant and rhythmic while the song has great lyrics to accompany the entire 4 minute presentation of his skills.


Zawles has this time all to himself to speak his mind. He talks about a couple of things that he does better than most on his grind, and warns everyone that they need to improve or change themselves when they’re not getting the recognition they think they deserve: “If you’re a model and you don’t hear a whistle blowing at you in the street, girl you gotta dress fresher than that.”

Zawles admonishes and advices, and can back up whatever he claims in his verses. He reminds other emcees that he is the truth. In fact he eats many emcees for breakfast.

The industry is so full of fake rappers, that Zawles makes a fresh change with his observational approach, and tongue in cheek humorous comments.

When the lyrical flood gates open, he may not be specific of whom he might be talking about, but issues some major counselling that could be of benefit to most wannabes.

Over a mid-tempo thumping beat, Zawles upholds the versatility he has always bore in his music.  If you listen close, in some verses, you can hear how he changes his rhyme schemes to match the music.

And I’m not just talking about voice inflections but how he shortens or draws the words out to match the beat. He even sings a couple of bars too.

Zawles has continued to grow as an artist with every item released, and slowly but surely he is moving toward the exclamation of awesome, when listening to his work.

There are no visible flaws on “Fresher Than That” produced by OBMusic, which is a sure sign of Zawles’ continuing maturity.

MORE ABOUT: Zawles was born in Toronto as Matthew Gonzales, his last name coming from his Cuban grandparents. He left Toronto at the early age of 4 years old to be was raised in St. James Jamaica and then Brooklyn New York where he started taking music seriously and learned to do his first recordings. “Music has always been number one in my heart; I’ve been rhyming since the 5th grade” he says.

Zawles, entered the rap scene officially in the year of 2003 and has a number of releases to his name. He has also done collaborations with the likes of ‘Royce Da 59’ and ‘Crooked I’ after they joined ‘Eminem’s’ Shady Records label.


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