Search Results – “Soft Landing” – an ability to create perceptive instrumental narratives!

Search Results is a project created by Vincent Horne and Bryce Tomaszewski, who are aspiring to become video game composers. Their project is multi-genre and primarily instrumental, but their main focus is creating electronic jazz and blues music. The duo have been hard at work for a little over a year and have released 5 full length albums and 5 EP’s since then, their 5th album was split into 2 portions “Soft Landing” and “Hidden Soul”. The songs on these albums sparkle with a myriad of tiny details but never lose their outlines; the structures are strictly shaped, but somehow feel loosely draped.

On “Soft Landing”, you will notice the way parts of the percussion gently shift timbre, how the roundness of the low end burrows for depth, or the rich resonant warmth of the keyboards, and the comfortable chill of the grooves. It’s easy to hear it all as pieces of stylized production. But for all its fleeting, daydream touches, the subtle melodies keep these songs, as accessible and enticing narratives. The poignant, unsung, and often understated melodic motifs weave their way across the instrumentals in an almost unnoticed fashion.

All of which helps make “Soft Landing” occupy a room as smartly as it does a pair of headphones. The album encompasses an eclectic selection of sounds that span across multiple genre boundaries including downtempo, electro-jazz, ambient and world music. The opening track, “What Angel”, sets a mysterious, mellow yet anticipative tone, underpinned by rolling percussion and waves of synth pads. It segues seamlessly into the second track, “Butterfly Kiss” which develops from a bright piano motif and a slapping mid-tempo drum beat.

The arrangement meanders and morphs throughout it’s almost 9 minute runtime. Switching from simple piano motifs to electro beats and classic sounding orchestrations. Search Results arrange their instrumentation to create multi-layered atmospheres, masterfully blending the calming timbres of the piano and strings, and contrasting them against blipping joyous synths and rhythmic patterns. The latter, is what they do on “Healing Powers”, adding strong Chiptune flavors for an almost gaming soundtrack experience.

“In Your Dreams” is a slow burner which initially maintains a pensive, downbeat vibe, building and gathering energy from within. Inflated with emotional intensity, the song will steadily seep into your subconscious, not least because the piano and the synth-pads are so poignantly beautiful. In fact, it just proves how well Search Results are able to tinker with their tools, wave the instrumental wand, and sweep our attentions away with their hypnotic productions. Ultimately it lulls you into a soothing trance from which there is no escape.

The basis of much of Search Results compositions on “Soft Landing” relies on the gentle buildup of tracks starting with one or two instruments and gradually incorporating layer after layer until the full intricacy and atmosphere of the track is realized. At the forefront of almost every track, is the dynamic sound of the piano, which on the final cut “The Misty Choral”, grabs front, back, left, right, and center stage with a repetitive motif that worms its way into your head.

Throughout this album, Search Results show they have a keen eye for detail – every drum pattern, synth lead or piano motif, is tweaked to aural perfection – and they also know how to actually instill atmosphere and vibe into their tracks. It’s those two elements, along with their ability to create perceptive narratives with their instrumentals that set Search Results above any fierce competition. Vincent Horne and Bryce Tomaszewski have the ability to calm and bring you to a serene, deep-thinking environment, yet their music is anything but boring or uninspired.

“Soft Landing” manages to gently grab hold of you from the start, and never let’s go until the end. For that alone, this recording is a recommended listen for any, and all lovers of focused and sophisticated instrumental music.


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