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Holly Nicole Combs – ‘Late Fees’ a fine representation of her ability as a singer-songwriter!

The award-winning singer-songwriter, Holly Nicole Combs, began writing songs as a child but did not begin taking it seriously until after a traumatic divorce and the subsequent death of her father. Alongside producer Ben Travis, she created her album ‘Confessions from a Bathroom: Happiness is One Flush Away’ which was her way of processing those events. Holly followed that up with her societal studies on the album ‘Narcissist with a Cause’ where she collaborated with Lance Turner on the title track ‘Narcissist with a Cause’, and Carl Ludders on the song ‘Text me if you Can’. Moving forward, Holly has also collaborated with Emmy Award winning songwriter Michal Towber, as well as award winning songwriter Rob O’Mara and Mitch Laney from The Nashville Non-Profits.

Currently living in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Holly Nicole Combs – named 2019 Female Artist of the Year by Music Mafia Radio – is working on her next collection of songs, to be called, ‘Existential Crisis of the Crazy Cat Lady’.

In the meantime she has dropped the single ‘Late Fees’, produced by Ben Travis. The track features Matthew Griffith on the acoustic guitar, Matthew Crouse on drums, and fiddle player Jim Vancleave. The song showcases all the experience-borne maturity that now defines Holly’s music.

‘Late Fees’ is a track about the day to day financial struggles, and all of the life-changing moments and responsibilities that come with it. But any misplaced concerns that this will somehow have a depressing effect on the quality of music should be immediately swept aside.

Holly Nicole Combs handles the subject in a very considered, light-handed yet emotionally engaging way. More importantly, the song is stronger, the melody brighter, the structure clearer and the emotions deeper than ever before.

Holly sings in the first person, immediately giving the song a sense of personal intimacy with her audience. ‘Late Fees’ is brimming with poignancy, detailing moments beset with difficulty and challenges. “I graduated high school, got my college degree. My daddy always said, “Girl, you’ll make money!” Now, I’ve got bill collectors calling my phone. And when I get my check, it’s all gone.” This candid lyrical immediacy prepares for more vivid moments to come.

There is however a meritorious twist in the chorus which beckons listeners to put on there thinking caps.  “It’s hard living.  It ain’t free. But it’s better than dyin’ between you and me. Money ain’t worth a damn if it grows on trees. I’ve got piling debt with interest and late fees.” Lyrics like these could only be conjured up by a bright mind — and it’s in these moments where Holly Nicole Combs really shines.

Holly’s latest single is a fine representation of her ability as a singer-songwriter. If you embrace the organic slow burn, ‘Late Fees’ will steadily reveal itself to you; the resonant fiddle motifs, and the acoustic-guitar strum, accompanying Holly’s pertinent lyrics. And when that happens, all you can do is listen to her unmistakable voice crooning along with the instruments for a full sound – one that fits the substance of her song without overwhelming its production style.

Holly Nicole Combs delivers each clear line with power and melodic purity – her streaks of wisdom flowing forth openly, in a manner that’s simultaneously unique to her, and comfortingly familiar to listeners. ‘Late Fees’ presents yet another incandescent glimpse of Holly’s talents.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unicornholly01
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollynicolecombsmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unicornholly01
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/holly-nicole-combs-222140152
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmeUn0YLhC9lhhKkdityaMQ
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/holly-nicole-combs/1382950502

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