Lÿnx – “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” is some impressive stuff!

Connected by a shared love of 80s glam metal and hard rock, Lÿnx are a four-piece band currently based in Calgary. Formerly known as Lazer Blade, the project was formed during the 2020 pandemic, beginning as a collaboration between vocalist Lazer and lead guitarist Blade. The pair met due to their love for Lewis Capaldi’s song “Someone You Loved”. Blade stumbled onto Lazer’s existing cover of the track and the both realized that a team-up was in order, and immediately hit the studio to release their own rendition of the song. The positive feedback received induced them to pursue a long-term professional relationship, and led to them bringing in bassist Fangs and drummer Flash.

There’s a lot of music out there, and even though there isn’t as much rock and metal as there once was, there’s still enough out there to miss something good. Especially when it’s a fairly new band that releases a 6 song EP.

But Lÿnx has done things the old fashioned way, and it makes a difference on “Long Live Rock n’ Roll”. This is some impressive stuff. There’s obviously plenty familiar about them, but without sounding too much like anyone else. The songs are high quality. Cool riffs, super musicianship and enough melodic bombast to keep you listening.

The entire batch of tracks is a study in how to make classic rock and metal songs. Every song here is based on tight and explosive guitar riffs.  The drumming is dynamic and serves to drive the momentum of these songs with a deliberate vengeance. As such, it is closely followed by the thumping basslines.

All of which underline the flamboyant soar of the lead vocals. Laser’s vocals are particularly enticing, and they have that old-school anthemic scream and groove that rock and metal connoisseurs will really enjoy.

Lÿnx is an honest to goodness rock n’ roll band in a time when rock n’ roll needs just that. They offer up blistering guitar riffs and solos, melodic choruses, and high-energy performances that resemble the spirit of a time long gone by.

To put it simply, Lÿnx is everything real authentic rock n’ roll was, and should be.  And they are such right from the opening title track “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” which comes blasting out of the speakers. It only takes about 30 seconds into this song to realize that this band is the real deal.

Lÿnx stomp into “Irresistible” with the same wild abandon, before launching headlong into the racing mayhem of “Crazy Crazy World”. This track is begging to be played on a live stage. If anyone has doubts about this, or still thinks rock ’n’ roll is dead and gone, they need to do themselves a favor by pressing play on “Red Rocket”, where they’ll be greeted by a head banging rhythm and bone-crushing guitars. “Forged In Fire” showcases a more sophisticated side of Lÿnx.

While still maintaining all their relentless energy, the band unleash a radio ready anthem, layered with a wall of melodic guitars and powerful vocals on “Forged In Fire”, before closing the EP with a generous and scintillating cover of the Black Sabbath classic “Paranoid”.

The EP is extremely cohesive, fitting together piece by piece and leaving no room for fillers as it takes you on a hard rock journey that flows with ease and raw energy from its first track to its last.

The only criticism that can be levied against “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” is that it is too short. It could have contained four more tracks and would have been even more satisfying than it already is.  But that is the only thing that can be pointed out, and isn’t really a criticism as much as it is an egotistical observation.

Considering their relatively short residence in the public sphere, Lÿnx are already very savvy – giving audiences just enough to think about and enjoy, and plenty more to desire and lust after!


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