“Satisfied” EP: What Ashley J delivers in ability, she doubles up in adding feeling

It’s finally here, the international debut EP we have been waiting for from Ashley J. The three-time Billboard charting sensation is ready to become a global obsession with many amazing international hits under her belt. Finally, all those singles have come together, on one EP. “Satisfied” is the title of the recording, and it perfectly describes our feelings towards it. The EP features five tracks self-penned by the emergent Ashley J, in collaboration with many established producers, including Lucas & Adrian Rezza, Jamie Sellers, and Warwick Matthews, as well as multi-platinum, Grammy and Emmy-winning Narada Michael Walden. The opening track “Trapped” which enjoyed four consecutive weeks at #1 on the European Independent Music Chart, is a great introducing track for both the artist and the EP.

It showcases Ashley J vocals perfectly, all the while giving us a great pop track that we can play on repeat and never get tired of. She’s soulful throughout and that’s what we needed from this track that lyrically speaks of being head over heels captivated by someone with no means of breaking free.

This launches into her brilliantly catchy solo single “Unbreakable”, which takes different view of relationships. And the need to pick yourself up after heartbreak and carry on regardless. It will always be a grower of a song, one of those you’re singing along to without even realizing; one of those that stays in your head all day long.

The song hones in on her vocals well, and what Ashley J delivers in ability, she always doubles up in adding feeling into the song. Pop music is her forte, and Ashley J wastes no time in dishing out some delicious tracks here. Her storytelling is personal and layered, and she is not shy about it. She captures it in her heart and spins hits from it.

“Satisfied” is loaded with fire and spice, and scores another win for her. This is another one of those songs that keeps you chained to the replay button. This is how you do a pop song. Everything about it. The perfect balance of electronic and pop in the production, the irresistible chorus and the pre-chorus that leads to it.

This is what will continue to keep Ashley J in the spotlight. On “Like You Used To”, Ashley J achieves pop excellence once again, and there’s no denying that in any circumstances. The brilliant build-up right from the first verse, to the brass loops in the background to the easily memorable chorus, to the drop that takes the song straight to banger level.

The production on “When I Come Home To You” is yet again amazing, it sounds incredibly watery and smooth but sharp at the same time. We should also take the time and appreciate the pipes that Ashley J possesses and notably shows off here.

This has a flaw free melody all along, building up into a massive chorus that makes the track very emotional and deep. I personally love this song, truly a gem. All-round, this EP demonstrates that Ashley J has star quality in bucket loads. Her performances show this off and it will be a matter of time before she receives the accolades that will do her talent justice.

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