Raven Salve’: “COCO BROWN” (Remix) – majestic, nostalgic and incredibly well-composed!

The incredible thing about the single “COCO BROWN” (Remix) is how intimately the listener engages with R&B and Soul singer-songwriter, Raven Salve’: she’s upfront, eloquent and bold as she finds herself at the doorstep of a music career that is about to take off to higher places than it’s ever been. The track blew me away and I can’t stop listening to it. I’m not sure any artist has done this to me yet in 2019. The single is Raven’s artistic statement over a grand soundscape that sums up her sound effectively: rich, lush and honest, “COCO BROWN” (Remix) is a perfect introduction to a woman who understands how to express herself as she traverses through her storied life. The single lets us know very quickly that Raven’s fearlessness is now matched with a beautiful and well-developed voice that blooms prominently on this majestic, nostalgic and incredibly well-composed number.

Pensacola, Florida native Raven Salve’, who was born Ebony D Weatherspoon, started to enjoy music around the age of five. A natural musician, Raven started playing the Clarinet around the age of 12, the piano at the age of 13 and also started taking voice lessons at 13.

Although she knew since the age of five that she wanted a career in music, it wasn’t until five years ago that she started pursuing music professionally. To date, Raven has released two albums. The latter of the two, “Metamorphosis The Transformation”, contains the single “COCO BROWN” (Remix).

The lyrics, represent “the strong man most women are looking for in a relationship”. In addition to relating the female perspective on finding the perfect male companion, “COCO BROWN” (Remix) also details sultriness and sexiness, revealing the physical and emotional highs of an inspired love perception. But Raven never indulges in lustfulness with profane, explicit description.

She instead scrutinizes values found in “strong, hardworking, independent and intelligent men.” From the cool production to the poised vocal performance from Raven Salve’, this is an impressive effort overall. She definitely is on a mission to show people why she is the best at what she does.

Continuing to put out songs of this caliber and authenticity, there is no doubt in my mind that Raven Salve’ will eventually get the full recognition that she thoroughly deserves for her music. She is smooth and confident on this song. A lot of people sing songs, but don’t bring the attitude to match the song. Raven does each and every time.

She takes you there with her. Her emotions are clear and there is no guess work needed to understand where she is coming from. “COCO BROWN” (Remix) once again confirms that fact. This track is better than a lot of stuff currently out there today for R&B, and it throws back to the old school in an extremely exiting way. Good music is often slept on. Don’t sleep on Raven Salve’.

Besides her passion for music, Raven Salve’ is also socially active. In 2014, she in fact, launched the non-profit organization, Women Against Rape & Domestic Violence Inc (WAR&DV.) The goal and mission of WAR&DV is to support organizations that are already established and equipped to provide shelter and services to families on a year-round basis. Another perfect reason to love and respect this woman!



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