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Kacee Playaa: “#TruePlayasLifestyle” articulates some of the most colorful stories!

The millennium hip-hop world is all about the pride, the culture, and the experience. As the time ushered in a new age, so did it also ordain a new generation of hip-hop particularly that of the South, as one of its most fertile breeding grounds for producing crops of prolific rappers. These artists flip a mellifluous vernacular when articulating some of the most colorful stories about growing up. No matter how edgy or boastful some of these tales might be, most of the time they are necessary for redefining and broadening the musical landscape. Adding his chameleon-like style to this field of offerings is Kacee Playaa a hiphop artist, raised but not born in 936 Madisonville, TX, who got his moniker from his team is #CloudNineEnt.

The mixtape playlist
The mixtape playlist

Kacee Playaa released his mixtape, “#TruePlayasLifestyle”, after the passing of his close friends Dj Kidd & Kashun “Kush” Moore. The mixtape was released during December 2015 and is hosted by DJ Bubba on Spinrilla. The first track I heard from him was “Chillout”, which I caught a few months ago. It had a good beat and chorus to it but I wasn’t really blown away by the verses at the time. I guess I was wrong; Kacee Playaa delivers really solidly on this mixtape right here. His singing voice is obviously not that of an R&B crooner but it goes nicely with his songs and it’s addicting. His chorus writing ability is like no other, they’re all good and catchy tunes.

Kacee Playaa flow is real smooth too and he’s got a good voice for it. He stays consistent throughout the mixtape. He also has a variety of subject matter which is always a good thing. He has also got real good storytelling ability which is shown perfectly on the back-to-back tracks “Like Em Crazy”, “Concepts” and “Shattered Dreams”. The production on the mixtape is amazing, no dull or boring beats on it. Kacee Playaa’s collaborations are real good too; he brings in Ace Young’N, BFree FreeDrugs and OGBragg, and they all do a good job.

From start to finish, Kacee Playaa solidifies himself as a more than competent lyricist. Whether he’s getting dirty on banging tracks like “Canon Ft Ace Young’N” and “My Influence Ft BFree FreeDrugs”, getting funky on tracks like “TruePlayasLifestyle Ft. OGBragg” or spilling his soul out on tracks like “Tough Decisions (Kush Tribute)”, “BarJuice” and “Stand Up”, Kacee Playaa keeps you listening with no skips. The more times you listen to this mixtape, the more you’ll love it. Kacee Playaa is a a great lyricist, but also has quite possibly one of the most infectious flows in the underground game. Even when he’s tearing up a track aggressively, he doesn’t miss a step.


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