Hustle – “Infinite” (Prod. by D Sounz) shows off some wicked wordplay!

It’s so rare in music today to find lyrical substance and crystalline technique. You may find one or the other, but hardly both together. If you listen to the Oklahoma City rapper Hustle on his track, “Infinite” produced by D Sounz, its evident you’re listening to a piece of art, crafted by an artist, planned-out with heart, soul, passion, and intellect poured into it.


It’s just rare and refreshing to see an artist – in a genre which is known for vibrant poetry and intellectual exercise when it’s actually done properly – who hasn’t sold out and dumbed down to succumb to mass appeal. Clearly Hustle does not fit into the plethora of talentless fools who come and go with the same thoughtless, useless, shallow, empty, repetitive crap that all sounds the same.

From time to time artists come in a generation and shake up or rather wake up a sleeping society consumed with selfishness, materialism, individualism. Hustle is a transformative figure in music. Only a few hip hop lyricists are able to get a track out that is considered a breath of fresh air and Hustle does it flawlessly on “Infinite”.

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat self-celebratory lyrics, and put your concentration on the rhyming and wordplay which are otherworldly compared to the mainstream norm.


Besides the fact that the motivation he provokes from his lyrics is inspiring – not to mention his perspective of the truth on our society – Hustle provides devastatingly impressive rhyme skills. For better or worse, there aren’t too many emcees that are remotely close in skill level to that of Hustle.  He shows off some wicked wordplay with an insistent and elevated tone that will drop many jaws.

D Sounz’s dark and beautifully crafted bass-driven beat, forms a perfect canvas for Hustle’s flow, both suggesting their commitment to quality at its fullest extent. The track leaves an impression after the first listen, especially the images Hustle paints with his rhymes and the ease with which he does this.

Given what the hip-hop industry generally promotes as the underlying ideal, Hustle’s destruction of this concept is prophetically hopeful for the future of rap music.


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