Wreckage reeks of genuine, solid, unrepentant rock n’ roll!

Wreckage is a hard rock band based in the Detroit area. The group is fronted by lead guitarist and vocalist Cory Reitman, who is the creative center of the group. Ryan Gamble on rhythm guitar, Dan Price on drums, and Nick Moga on bass provide the rest. Wreckage has now released its self-titled 3-track EP, and If you like good rock songs as much as the next guy, then then this band supplies that in abundance.

For example, something like “Tonight” is a powerful piece of music, complete with sludgy riffs, fiery guitar solos and a muscular lead vocal by Cory Reitman. But what’s unique and excellent about Wreckage is how they write and perform actual melodies, and the ability they have to mix in a variety of volumes and tempos. They’re not just full-gale hurricane all of the time.


“Pain”, crystallizes absolutely everything about the band that I love: A confident, swaggering retro rock sound that is breathtaking – the timbre, the mix, the ensemble of instruments they put together, as well as the staggering power and muscle of the playing without losing any melodic edge.

I could go on and on about the songwriting which is in a different league, mature, taking you on a deliberate and impressive travel to a musical destination, rather than just bashing out senseless riffs. There are no weak tracks or musical passages here. The rocking parts are smoking. The moody stuff broods, builds and draws you in.

And when you arrive to “Loaded Gun”, you will have found the quintessential Wreckage sound. The track takes the band to where you are always aware they can reach in sublime, benchmarking fashion. A super tight rhythm, thunderous bass, killer riffs, and powerful vocals, “Loaded Gun” is grinding, stirring and emotional, with guitar parts you can easily get lost in.

Wreckage stands out because they simply play some great rock n’ roll. They are the answer to those hungry for some good new music. And yet nothing here is new. What is striking is how the band takes classic rock elements and lovingly polishes them into a modern gloss. It’s like an edgy, tearing and heavy retro elegance pumped-up with a revolutionary new feel.

With all the corporate pop-rock out there completely soiling the airwaves, Wreckage is exactly what we need. Rock n’ roll is back on this self-titled EP, as this band fuses to produce songs with incredible power and incisive lyrics. Wreckage reeks of genuine, solid, unrepentant rock n’ roll, which is more than can be said for many of their chart-topping contemporaries.

They should be applauded for such an outstanding effort, while I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Wreckage would sound more than phenomenal on vinyl. Maybe it’s time for a full-length album?


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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