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GOMUNKUL 6 – “Six on My Face” – one of underground rap’s most enigmatic new characters

GOMUNKUL 6 is an artist who wants do things on his own terms. His music isn’t for everyone, and his single “Six on My Face”, produced by CLONNEX released on February 21, 2021, stands as one of the most fearlessly created rap songs of the year. The track arrives as a dark and mysterious document, with the rapper sounding like his narrating from the depths of his demons. The sound is minimal, driven by a thumping bass drum kick and a violin. The sound is meant to be eerie and harrowing, while the deep subsonic voice repeats the line “Six on My Face”.

Contradictions are what make “Six on My Face” magnetic. GOMUNKUL 6 raps in two voices— with one he whispers, with the other he lifts to a higher more resonant pitch. All the while, the malicious baritone keeps the mood menacing.

In a way there is a subtle horrorcore mood pervading the song. This track really showcases his verbal skills and rampant flow, but doesn’t let you know what GOMUNKUL 6 is all about, as his messages are cryptic and refer to personal issues.

What truly lurks inside the mind of GOMUNKUL 6? That is something we could never really answer with any real depth at least; this record is just a small piece of a much grander, more vivid sonic puzzle the artist is putting together.

There is a great deal rustling around in his mind. From his meta-magical tattoos, to his dislike of meditation and propensity for astral projection, or his disinterest in things sexual, and a declination to ally with friends.

Moreover he explore his subject matter in a way that casual fans might find disturbing. “Six on My Face” is a visceral experience that forces you to see the world through GOMUNKUL 6’s vision. He never asks you to bare his burden, but you feel compelled to, and as a result it takes a real emotional toll.

GOMUNKUL 6 masterfully bridges the gap between the character he creates with his raps, and the human being you think he actually is. He finds refuge for both buried deep beneath his ever-expanding mindset.

Like most modern rap and trap productions “Six on My Face” relies on its vibe, mood and stylistics to paint a picture, while the words themselves are almost secondary to the aforementioned aesthetics. And here GOMUNKUL 6 kills it with the ominous sounds and atmosphere he has created on “Six on My Face”. His ability to capture a sound and use it to support his unique flow gives him a distinct leg up on his contemporaries.

This is indeed a stepping stone track, one that can only produce even better music in the future. Here the foundation for GOMUNKUL 6’s sound is set. It also serves as a peek into the wildly entertaining thought processes of one of underground rap’s most enigmatic new characters, who is ready to make his mark in the genre.


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