New Releases

From TikTok Sensation to Musical Maverick: Exploring robbieroket’s EP ‘Stories of a Misfit/Addict’

In an industry perpetually awash with new talents vying for recognition, the ascent of robbieroket represents a tale of artistic renaissance forged in the crucible [more…]


Barcelona Vibes and Mesmerizing Melodies: Real Rakas and Harold Drop ‘Blood On Your Hands’ EP”

Hailing from Lithuania and Sweden respectively, Real Rakas & Harold have joined forces in the vibrant city of Barcelona, where their creative synergy has given [more…]


AUH2O – ‘Iron City Chop Shop’ – a must-listen for fans of the cutting-edge Phonk style of music

Louis Goldwater aka AUH2O, the visionary musician and songwriter from Pittsburgh, makes a triumphant return to the music scene with his latest project, ‘Iron City [more…]


JAKE – “Just Getting Started” seamlessly blends disparate elements to create a vibrant listening experience!

JAKE is the epitome of modern music’s new wave of artists. This singer-songwriter has managed to turn heads and raise eyebrows with his unique style [more…]