Emcee Fresh delivers a daring sense of style and ability!

Texas is home to many prominent musical figures across various genres, and Houston, in particular, has established itself as the epicenter of Southern Hip-Hop. Houston-based artist Emcee Fresh has established himself as a force in the Hip-Hop world with his unique, flavorful songs. Known for hits like “Do the TikTok” and “This Boy Got Game”, Emcee’s music is infused with cultural and contemporary elements, featuring catchy hooks and high-quality production. He is also the CEO of Emcee Fresh Records and has an interest in graphic design, writing, photography and videography. His goal as an artist is to leave a lasting impact on the hip-hop community and as an entertainer Emcee’s focus is on providing engaging beats to listeners.

Emcee Fresh is a fresh and energetic rapper. His unique vocals and rhyme execution have helped him stand out from the current state of rap. Moreover he is an ambitious and prolific creator. During 2022 he dropped three albums, namely “Volume One”, “Inspiration”, and “I’m From The Ghetto”, as well as a series of singles.

He also got 2023 off to a flying start with the track, “We On Fire For God” ft. Arshauna Taylor. Regardless of which project you encounter, Emcee’s sound is guaranteed to stay in mind at first listen with it’s innovative bounce and energetic vibe.

Emcee Fresh is a restless creator. One moment he’s flexing with partying rhymes, and the next he’s spiritual. Complex yet simple, he understands the importance of balance in art. His lyrics empower you to be comfortable in the many facets of a human being.

Emcee’s energy is liberating, creating a listening experience that allows the audience to be grounded and free in their journey. His dynamic delivery, clever wordplay, distinct beat selection, and fierce work ethic are set to amass a strong following of fans all over the world.

Emcee Fresh’s daring sense of style and ability to blend lyricism with classic sounding percussive dominated beats comes to life on the single “We Together Forever” ft. Smart Young and Fly, Detrae & Dantae, as the entire crew put together a cut that resonates with rhyme and head-nodding groove.

This sounds like it came right out the golden era of hip-hop. “I Love My Country” rolls out the crunching guitars and a cowboy theme, highlighting the fact that Emcee Fresh’s can stretch his style way beyond what you would expect.

The 7-track project, “I’m From The Ghetto” marks another stellar outing from Emcee Fresh. Here he sounds like an unapologetic street spitter, as he aggressively approaches the mic with each bouncing bar and never lets up.

He has rapid-fire deliveries and swagger-filled lines in each verse where his charismatic demeanor comes to the fore. A lot of technically good artists lack presence in the booth, but Emcee Fresh has already mastered it, and he’s doing it over some great production found across this album.

On “Inspiration”, Emcee Fresh flips the lyrical themes while the beats keep popping just the same. The album is infused with powerful praise and worship stimulation, as the rapper breezes through the nine tracks with his usual energy and endless talent.

Emcee Fresh takes a lot of pride in his writing, and he has some of the most memorable lines you’ll hear. From the anthemic “I’m On Fire For God” to the slapping “On Another Level” and the hard-hitting “Praying For A Change”, Emcee Fresh sounds unstoppable.

Emcee Fresh been on a hot streak during 2022, and shows no signs of slowing down this year. Each of his tracks is resonant, pulsating and powerful – a self-assured statement of identity that sets him apart from his contemporaries.








I Love My Country

We Together Forever!

I’m From the ghetto

Volume One


I Love My Country

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