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Emanuele Lillo Ranieri – Rock Instrumentals Complete with Flash and Flourish!

Emanuele Lillo Ranieri, who was born and raised in born Orvieto, Italy, started with music at only 6 years-old when he received a guitar as a gift. Emanuele has since become a multi-instrumentalist who has performed with many artists, including The Reverse, Rancore & Dj Myke, Fabri Fibra and others in the Italian musical panorama. Currently he is also part of film score composer, Arturo Annecchino’s  Symphonia Band, and also plays with the Recycle Store band which features the extraordinary harmonica player Leno Landini.

Emanuele Lillo Ranieri also finds the time to explore his solo projects and has released a string of instrumental songs focusing on his guitar and bass prowess. Particularly impressive are the fusion tracks, “Psyckosomatikblueskiller”, “Monkeys”, “Opposite” and “Magnetism”.

The songs are a treat to listen to if you are into guitar pyrotechnics. Jam-packed with good notes, for the legion of guitarists who dream of busting their chops, these songs deliver in spades. The songs offer a variety of experiments with tone and key changes, without straying from the establishment of conventional blues-based progressive rock and fusion.

“Psyckosomatikblueskiller”, complete with lots of flash and flourish, is what rock-savvy listeners might call metal, and modern metal listeners may call rock, so it’s stuck between genres. Regardless of what shelf it ends up on, it’s got lots of notes on show, laden with knuckle-buster power. A dynamic bridge moves back and forth into bass and drum laden rock. The turbocharged guitar solo coda is pure shred goodness.

“Magnetism” is a well performed song, very true to form, and quite likely very successful in its intent. Intense and slow-burning, this arrangement relies more on atmosphere and tone than it does on flashy notes, and is one of my favorites. For fans who remember the heyday of the power ballad, this is a reminder that these songs still exist, even in the instrumental realm.

“Monkeys” has a lovely melody, engaging tempo, resonating guitar tones and layering, and is rich in percussion. The song has slight overtones of 80s melodic hard rock and is steeped in that decade’s ‘big’ presentation – where a few well-chosen notes can hit just as hard as flurry of shred. Together with the epic “Opposite”, this may just be the best song of the bunch, in my book.

Emanuele Lillo Ranieri’s musical catalog is a tour de force through a variety of subgenres of rock music. Paint-peeling, face-melting classic heavy metal overtones give way to progressive and rock fusion leanings. This is a rich journey through guitar tone, texture, and color – an intense listen for electric guitar lovers.

Relevant and engaging Emanuele’s music offers a lot to the listener, with meticulously played parts, layered arrangements, key modulation, syncopation, tempo shifts, superlative musical chops, and flash in abundance. The heart of this melodic music, is upbeat, timeless rock and roll, with prominent blues overtones. Tight and crisp, the musicianship is top quality throughout.


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