Dickie Delaine: “Dragonfly” – high energy rap with a touch of eccentricity!

On first impression, Dickie Delaine comes across as a fly guy and a complete entertainer. And there’s probably a reason for that. Dickie has worked his way through a few options. Born in Seattle Washington his musical tastes were influenced by his big brother who was always blasting George Michael and Def Leppard in the basement. In Seattle Preparatory High School his best friend listened to NWA and MC Ren, and then while studying business at the University of Washington Dickie picked up the acoustic guitar, bought himself a 4-track recorder and began experimenting with writing songs that reflected the Seattle scene in the late 90s.

dickie-delaine-coverAt 26 and unemployed, he used his good credit to write himself a credit card check for $5000 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passions of music, and stand-up comedy, for which he took classes. This was followed by a demo recording done at Paramount Studios. During the next few years

Dickie went from open mic nights and stand-up comedy, to recording and releasing an EP in 2013. Then after almost giving up, he found new inspiration, which led to his brand new 7 track EP, entitled “Dragonfly”.

Dickie Delaine is an artist that should appeal to all different types of people. There’s definitely elements of rap/hip-hop, punk, alternative, as well as classic rock. This recording never lets up. From the opening title track “Dragonfly” to the closing “Fight The Good Fight” every song is intense, and has an infectious groove and catchy riff.

It’s really impossible to choose any standout, because really the entire EP is quite excellent. And because there is so much variety, with the features bringing that added touch of flair – From the urban pop sounds of “Another World” featuring Jayson Echo & TL, or the psychedelic soul and stomping “Jesusman” featuring Patrice Morris, to the strings and operatic flavored “Fight the Good Fight” featuring Madison Bentley.

They just don’t make albums like this anymore. This would be impossible to make today, if an artist like Dickie Delaine wasn’t around. Hardly any new artists – most probably none, to be fair – mix up these musical styles, as well as the particular rhyming flow Dickie uses.

To hear anything even close to what “Dragonfly” is bringing to the table, you’ll need to go back to Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, N.W.A and Public Enemy, and then add some new sounds and techniques, plus an over the top presentation. The result is a recording that is so fresh, so completely brilliant and entertaining in a genre dogged by street cred and cliched club swagger.

Dickie Delaine delivers his lyrics in a way that could be described as high energy and, of course, emotional with a touch of eccentricity.  If you want to listen to quality rap, that doesn’t drone or monotone; that will make you move, and pump you all over its grooving collages of sound, this is it. Not to mention a hell of a lot of great music crammed into only 7 tracks!



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