ChiTrilla: “Pull Up” pulls you like an undertow you just can’t escape!

ChiTrilla is a male-female rap duo based in Mobile, Alabama, consisting of sentimental partners Chiraqs (born Tikyle Hill) and TrillaBlu (born Nia Spivey). Chiraq and TrillaBlu are inspired by God, Pac and the passion for change. Chiraq being from Chicago and Trilla Blu from New Orleans, makes their style of rap unique.


A few month back ChiTrilla dropped their single “Pull Up”. Too many artists think that profanity, guns and drug dealing talk will give them an immediate edge, and gangsta kudos. It often sounds pathetic. ChiTrilla understand that the beats, the delivery and most important of all – the lyrics, come together to contribute to how music translates. Once you get that job done right, you can talk about what you like, and people will believe and relate.

The piano loops are simple and perfect, the beats hypnotic but with a definite hook. And while the production is tight, “Pull Up” packs a street anthem feel like a champ. ChiTrilla know how to flip their rhymes and make it work. It’s simple really: put this track in your player and see how many times you listen to it continuously, it’s going to be more than three or four times.

This is the kind of track that you play over and over again. There is nothing particularly innovative about this release, but Chiraq and TrillaBlu blend seamlessly with the minimal but stellar production.

Every bar and verse on “Pull Up” is well crafted, lyrically and musically. The inspired beat crackles with energy and the song is laced with choruses that make you want shout and stomp. The groveling baselines just propel the voices.

This track has its own flow that pulls you like an undertow you just can’t escape. Either way this track is able to transcend the usual male dominated clichés of rap music in an original way as TrillaBlu blows her bars out of the water. She sounds hungry, raw, gritty, and unrelenting.

Chiraq showcases that same gritty quality while flexing his storytelling skills. This is the kind of duet chemistry that is a must-have for any hip hop enthusiast.


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