Sara Phillips: “Sea Change” – the ability to translate emotions into songs

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sara Phillips is an independent, pop/soul, singer-songwriter now living in Los Angeles, California. ‘Sea Change’ is her first project since her self-titled debut EP. Right from the first line she sings in the first song, “House On Fire”, there is no denying that Sara Phillips can flat out sing!

sara-phillips-sc-bcoverAs soon as I heard that first line I wanted to hit a button and spin my chair around like they do on The Voice. She had me hooked for the rest of the album right there. Her songs just feel like they are from the heart. She can sing and her songs are good. That’s an alarmingly uncommon combo lately. It’s often just one or the other…if you’re lucky.

The songs on ‘Sea Change’ have a very strong feel of being deeply personal to Sara as a singer-songwriter, rather than just being a bunch of songs some record producer thought they could sell. It’s amazing how much better music is when the singer truly loves the songs she’s singing. You cannot miss the passion that’s conveyed in every single track on this album. And I’m thinking of songs like “Boy Who Let Me Down”, “Rolling Stone” and “Try”.

Sara has an appeal that can transcend age groups, and she has the talent to back up that following. Between her heartfelt deliveries of weighty and tender, intimate themes, her shiny vocals and bouncy love seeps right through even the most melancholy tunes.

sara-phillips-sc-fcoverThe songs on this album are either emotional and heartbreaking, as well as addictively catchy, even though they are slow to mid tempo.  Each track has the potential for single release, yet Sara never strays too far mainstream.

It’s amazing and inspiring how she has channeled her feelings of pain, heartbreak into this intensely personal yet highly enjoyable album. The songs here capture Sara doing what she does best: crafting raw, honest, emotional pop songs that are instantly relatable and memorable. And she does them in both electric and acoustic versions.

Ever since hearing her single, “Boy Who Let Me Down”, a few months back, this album is exactly what I was expecting. A mature pop record ‘Sea Change’ has substance that is relatable. Sara Phillips signature cool, fiercely elegant style is interjected in her songs and the production of the music has evolved and I’m happy to say it’s an evolution worth welcoming.

You will be in awe of her ability to translate emotions into songs. Sara is an artist to her core and it shows in her music. And I have faith that that part of her, will never change.


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