304fatality – “Reflection” is music that electrifies and pulsates!

On his single, “Reflection”, you can tell just how hard 304fatality works on his craft, ensuring the track does not just pass by passively. The crunchy guitar-driven production is exploratory, his vocal is enormously flexible, his songwriting relevant and his lyrics eloquent. The young Parkesburg, West Virginia artist has been making music since 2017, incorporating a myriad of styles into his alternative repertoire, and raking in multiple streams in the process. Although the record clocks in at a brisk 2 minutes and forty-four seconds, 304fatality nonetheless packs it with a bevy of ideas and tones.

A strained relationship, emotional restlessness, and a huge amount of introspection build up the track, with an urgent sound that deliciously matches the thoughtful lyrics. 304fatality creates a powerful, emotional sound, one that mimics alienation, anger and longing, with somber, reflective lyrics, while the music is resonant and driving enough to offer some hopeful transcendence. All of which makes 304fatality both the cloud and the ray of light that is shining through the narrative.

One thing is certain; “Reflection” is masterfully constructed – especially if experienced through a good set of headphones. It brings forth some vital light of understanding about the intricacies of relationships and the acknowledgement of one’s self in these complex situations. His personal narrative also seems intended to urge the listener to pay more attention to the consequences of being swept away by someone else’s desirable aura.

“Reflection” is balanced by 304fatality’s sonorously pointed vocal, and his urgently unyielding lyrics, tinged with both vulnerability and tenacity. It’s a mindset that is vital to his ability to churn out relatable music.

It is music that electrifies and pulsates, that’s complex and driven, along with lyrics that tell us a tale, which goes close to the bone and is insightful. This single is one of 304fatality’s finest moments of recorded music.

Despite his very young age, 304fatality shows his songwriting genius, and his musical knowhow, so well that it is difficult not to notice. He is one of the originals in an over-saturated indie scene, and his music studded with an unmatched organic style.

“Reflection” starts with a stern guitar sequence until 304fatality comes in to add fire to the flame. Though never overwhelming, it’s an eventful song, and the chorus builds up the pressure, with vigor and sincerity.

304fatality crafts vivid imagery atop the insistent, propulsive guitar riffs that’s as poignant as it is powerful. There’s an emo element to the record, which swiftly becomes a finely executed alternative journey full of exciting turns, sometimes breathless and racing, sometimes distressed and sprawling, always with a sense of drama at its heart.

Every aspect of this “Reflection” has been constructed with such obvious passion and talent, from start to finish I found myself truly enjoying the sounds coming through the headphones.

Underneath all of the guitar crunch and vocal momentum, is the songwriting finesse that 304fatality prides himself in; with subtle musical and lyrical nuances adding much needed depth to the piece. Ultimately, this is 304fatality at his peak…and he is still in his teens!


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