MAKI scores ‘FORECLOSURE’ The Movie

The art-house film FORECLOSURE produced by Natalis Group is now available for streaming and film festivals.  A science fiction drama re-imagined within the classic footage of ‘The Last Man On Earth’ by Italian director Ubaldo Ragona.  Along with the new script is a dynamic music score featuring Maki and the two brilliant composers Alex Pfeffer and Kevin MacLeod.

Building the score for ‘Foreclosure’ Maki uses strong acoustic drum rhythms to capture the movie’s action sequences. Peculiar instrumentation alongside of unusual recorded sounds bring forward the apocalyptic moodiness of the visuals. In several sections, he places the music on equal footing with the Foley to complement each other into a single musical instrument.

A notable part in the anatomy of the ‘Foreclosure’ mix is the realism of the environment the audience feels within the film. Foley, so often the neglected stepchild of dialogue or the muted musical background, is treated as an equal partner in the soundtrack. Maki crafts a Foley track that keeps the audience alert to the reality the characters live in.

Emphasizing the mystique of the ‘Foreclosure’ environmental and political backstory are those unnerving sounds emanating from the sky on a global scale. Strange. Unexplained. Undeniable. We listen to the Earth’s authentic howls, groans and trumpets foretelling the coming end of our existence.  To spice things up even more we hear the shrill of an Aztec ‘death whistle’.

Joining Maki is Alex Pfeffer, a highly sought after composer with numerous credits for triple-A game sound design and music. If you played ‘Wolfenstein II” or ‘Fade To Silence’ you are hearing the talent of Alex in full force. In ‘Foreclosure’ he brings in an enticing Taiko drum section that stands on its own. Kevin MacLeod has worked with Maki on previous film projects and has music credits for box office movies such as ‘Bruno’ and ‘Where The Heart Is’. Kevin’s cinematic percussion beat delivers the movie’s finale in act three.

Driving guitars, orphic synths, orchestral accents and the siren voice of Francesca breathe life and nuance to the hypnotic beat that defines ‘Foreclosure’. When asked about his take on scoring for this short-film Maki said, “Without a doubt the soundtrack reached its full potential with Alex and Kevin’s musical genius. The first showing of the movie received positive reviews and quite frankly the music score we put together does it justice.”

Listen to the soundtrack and watch the movie at

FORECLOSURE-TRAILER-MakiNatalisGroup from Maki NatalisGroup on Vimeo.

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