The Mesmerizing Sounds of Julius Florek’s Dream Vision Orchestra

In the dominion of contemporary music, the Dream Vision Orchestra emerges as an emblematic vessel, helmed by the seasoned virtuoso Julius Florek. With a rich [more…]

New Releases

Enter the Sonic Cosmos: Franco Esteve’s ‘Dimensional Drift’ Takes You on a Journey Beyond

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey as we delve into the wondrous world of Franco Esteve, the Puerto Rican-born, award-winning artist and composer. [more…]

New Releases

Ozzy Tapan – ‘Ready or Not’ is filled to the very brim with technical and emotional aesthetics

Ozzy Tapan’s newest instrumental single ‘Ready or Not’ is a testament to his musical prowess and versatility. As a critic, it’s both an honor and [more…]

New Releases

Zamar Kairos – “Mobilization” possesses all the captivating elements of a movie soundtrack


Zamar Kairos is an emerging composer who is getting ready to make waves in the music industry with his unique sound that blends orchestral instruments [more…]

New Releases

nasmore – “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is lush and richly detailed enough to lose oneself in

The new 2-track EP by Canadian based songwriter, musician and producer, nasmore, “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)”, has its origins in the original recording of [more…]

New Releases

Franco Esteve – “A Moment of Madness” expresses a moment of afflicted human perplexity

Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, with a globetrotting background, Franco Esteve is a multi-disciplinary artist – a Composer, Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer, and [more…]

New Releases

Solomon James – “Yumbo Mike” – a musical and lyrical evocation of sonic bliss!

Despite never having heard of him before, Solomon James has proven himself one of the most talented young and new composers of the year so [more…]


Franco Esteve – “Apocalypse: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)” – complex moods distilled into moments of perfection

When considering a multi-disciplinary artist like Franco Esteve, the force of his influences can often escape newer listeners. On each release he digs into his musical [more…]

New Releases

Stewart Eastham – “Human No More” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – a stunning original score!

How does a Nashville singer/songwriter go from country flavored rock n roll songs, to creating a haunting, atmospheric, and epic instrumental horror movie soundtrack? Simple. [more…]

New Releases

Min the Universe – “Westworld Reanimated” a stunning evolution of the intention behind the original score

NYC-based emerging EDM producer Min the Universe stepped onto the dance music scene in 2020 with the release of his first single, “Find Your Summer” [more…]


Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni – “Such A Glorious Day” – paints landscapes with sound

New and older listeners to music of the Italian prog-rock, cinematic and symphonic-styled composer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni will experience a journey that will keep keep [more…]


Francesco Mariano – Polished production matched by the levels of subtle nuance

A Conservatory graduated musician and composer, Francesco Mariano plays double bass, flute, guitar and synths in his own compositions which blend various styles, including ambient, [more…]