New Releases

Maki & Papp – “Shaky Ground” masterfully retrieves tradition for the 21st century!

“Shaky Ground” is an album that impresses for its maturity and smart aesthetic choices, and it positions Maki and Papp as one of just a [more…]

New Releases

Maki & Billy Shears – “DEMORATION EP45 #1” – a cosmic cluster of genre-altering sounds!

The masterminds behind the alternative project “DEMORATION EP45 #1” is Maki, an accomplished music producer and film maker living on an island next to Seattle, whose [more…]


MAKI: ‘Waking Up With The World On Fire’ – captures moments that achieve sublime sonic poetry


The world is a fragmented place, with fear and hate giving rise to isolationist movements around the globe and huge portions of the population turning [more…]