Youngin’: “Domino” – going hard with the flow

Chicago-born and Oklahoma raised hip-hop artist, Youngin’ has dropped the track ,, Produced by Obsession Beats & Shrewd. Youngin’ is steadily coming into his own as a solid rapper in the game. After his “Chasing Fame” single, dropped just a month back, he steams on ahead with “Domino”.  This track, done with the same team as his previous single, has even more of an edge to it.


This track is fire no doubt. The production is there, the lyrics are there, and the hook is crazy. We get to see Youngin’ going hard with the flow, and at the same time he doesn’t go overboard as he tries to claim his throne in the game. He definitely displays that he has potential with clever wordplay that will get you from the jump.

Even if you don’t like the song at first listen, the track will grow on you after a while. The best thing about Youngin’ in my opinion is that he is not afraid to talk about personal issues and what’s really going on in his mind. And at the same time he can also follow the industry norm of just talking about money and women, as he does here.

Most rappers out there hide behind beats and full-on marketing to gain success. Youngin’ has got the beat on “Domino”, no doubt, but he is not covered by seriously hyped up marketing, which needs a whole lot of major label cash. So he as many independent artists, is forced to work his game from the ground up – good beats, solid lyrics and the ability to capture fans with a great flow and some catchy hooks. Something he keeps getting better at, release after release.

Like all underground rappers, if Youngin’ gets the publicity he deserves he will be able to create and stimulate a great career ahead. Fans will then recognize the talent he possesses and know that he has the potential to become a force in hip-hop. At that point, all that needs to be seen, is if he can remain consistent and continue to rock the house like he has been doing until now!


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