Rxse: “Riding” – brooding introspection!

Rxse is a 24 year old artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who spends countless hours in his studio getting inspired and working on his song-craft, with goal to achieve success. Rxse has managed to put out a concise, diverse track with raw emotion at its forefront. Those who appreciate the Auto-Tune drenched croons, will love how the effects alter the singer’s voice to paint a moody, melancholy picture. “Riding” will be truly loved because it is understandable regardless of the beat, the words, or the pictures presented. It’s the atmosphere that grabs your senses first.

Simply put, Rxse is a talented musical chameleon, shifting visages accordingly between thoughtful lyrics, and vulnerable croons. “Riding” walks a fine line between discovery and outright biting, as the singer investigates the theme of loyalty – an exercise which is both inquisitive and entertaining at the same time.

In general, Rxse can hold his own. He shines when his vocals ricochet between languid revelations, Auto-Tuned flows, and brooding introspection. A bit like Post Malone, this track is designed to be groundbreaking and innovative in the R&B arena, and achieves its goal.

The production is great and Rxse puts together some great bars, together with a cohesive statement of voice. His ear for beats are light years ahead of his contemporaries. Rxse is an amazing curator who knows how to pack plenty of haze into a project’s atmosphere, drawing on the moody vibes and how to get what he wants from a beat.

His tracks have a unique vocal treatment that is at once theatrical and sonically progressive in ways we’re not hearing on the radio or in the clubs, except maybe from rappers like Future or Young Thug.

Sure there is the whole emo-rap generation leaning on melancholy bars and auto-tune, but it’s a little different to what Rxse is bringing to the table. “Riding” essentially boils down to a glitzy piano riff with a heavy kick and shuffling hi-hats coming in throughout the track.

It is simple, yet very evident that the instrumental has been crafted with precision. Over the course of the track, Rxse exposes his talent for storytelling, but more than what he sings, it’s how he sings it, that entrances the ear. Once the smooth melody, fit for a cruise, sets in, the crooner offers small peepholes into a story that aspires to seeking the truth.

The track invokes plenty of imagery which can relate to your own situation. When Rxse takes us to an introspective space, his vocals are on full display as she exercises twists and turns. Dark, moody and downright strange in its delivery, everything about “Riding” suggests it shouldn’t sound this powerful.

After all, it is a somber, melancholic track, but the verses are fantastically intoxicating, making it hard to ignore, as Rxse slowly but surely sets fire to the beat. Rxse does everything in making sure that he finds the balance between concept and narrative, as well as the ability to make a great song that is easy on the ear.


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