Michael Peloso and Natalie Jean: “Lost & Found” – powerful in its progression and resolute in it intention

Michael Peloso and Natalie Jean have released their latest collaboration single, “Lost & Found”. The two are no strangers to each other, having worked together on the multi-nominated, and award-winning track, “The Letting Go” with Levi Moore. Michael and Natalie also joined forces on Josie Award nominated track “Please Don’t”, as well as the 2017 single “Alive”. Michael Peloso is a New Jersey-based lyricist/songwriter who writes undeniably touching, honest lyrics with a sense of simplicity that are uniquely all his own. Natalie Jean is has achieved recognition across the most diverse of musical genres and quite comfortable performs in English, French and Creole. She has been nominated over 70 times for her music and has won many awards.

Michael Peloso

Right from the outset Natalie Jean continues to prove to her audience that not only is she a powerhouse vocalist, but also has the skills and musicality to show her more emotional side through hauntingly beautiful vocals and instrumentals that will put you in a somber yet reflective mood.

“Lost & Found” is a mid-tempo love anthem that fits Natalie’s gritty voice like a glove. It’s powerful in its progression and resolute in it intention.  It’s a track to rival the best efforts of Natalie’s big-name pop contemporaries: a slinking piano line, vibrant percussion, and an insistent melody.

The beauty behind it all, is of course Michael Peloso’s lyric sheet: “Your hand fits perfectly into mine / Like a thief you stole my heart & got away with a crime / You fill the cup & I drink the wine / The table is set & we begin to dine.”

This clearly states how the narrator has found his amorous zenith, which is confirmed in the chorus: “& I’m lost & I’m lost / I get so lost in you / In you.” As soon as the track begins, it’s clear that Michael wants to account for his deepest thoughts for listeners; narrating a journey of unconditional love through sound and words. As a wiz with a pen, he succeeds impeccably.

Natalie Jean

As the pop landscape changes and artists become bolder in structure, production and presentation, it is assuring to see Natalie Jean has comfortably anchored herself in the category of pop innovator, as she constantly spreads her wing to work with other artists and writers.

Expanding her horizons with nuanced and smart songwriters/lyricists such as Michael Peloso only adds to the richness of her catalog and artistic experiences, thus establishing unforgettable listening experiences. The final result is a track brimming with confidence; confidence not only in Natalie Jean’s own voice and her eye for a chorus, but in the emotive quality of Michael Peloso’s lyrics.

When this writing and performing collaboration reaches for their inner emotions, they sound like they’re doing so because that’s where their best music emerges from, not because they think that’s what authentic artists do. Natalie is an arresting performer, but by far what’s most compelling on “Lost & Found” is the brute force of her vocals, and Michael’s profusely impassioned words.


Michael Peloso: https://www.foursimplenotesmusic.com
Natalie Jean: http://www.natalie-jean.com

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1457089373?ls=1&app=ituneshttp://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1457089373


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