3Mind Blight – “Reaper” – insanely heavy riffage, and some absolutely incredible vocals!

I can vividly remember when I discovered 3Mind Blight in 2018 with the song “Paranoia”. I became instantly intrigued with who what the artist was all about. The uncanny blend of rock, pop, rap and metal he brings to the table is rarely heard elsewhere, if not for less than a handful of crossover groups. Obviously at this point, anytime 3Mind Blight releases music, I am instantly thrilled with what to expect. While there’s no doubt that his music style is in constant evolution, the actual artistry and musicianship that he had right from the beginning still remains prevalent. In fact 3Mind Blight’s latest outing is nothing short of terrific, a record that seemingly encompasses the artist’s larger-than-life musical spectrum. I can also confirm that it is the heaviest jaunt he has released thus far.

3Mind Blight hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After 15 years’ experience as a music producer and multiple songwriting awards, he embarked on a solo career in 2018. The international award winning artist, musician and songwriter in creates music that crosses between Metal, Orchestral Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock with numerous #1 hit songs on radio and with millions of streams worldwide. In the years 2019 and 2020 he was listed as both crossover artist of the year and artist of the year.

3Mind Blight

The new single, “Reaper”, instantly kicks into high gear, with insanely heavy riffage, and some absolutely incredible melodic vocals and aggressive growls from 3Mind Blight. He has also absolutely challenged himself during the making of this track, by recording some of the most brutal, hard-hitting screams that he has done in a while.

From the minute he belts out the first bar, until the last heavy-hitting note of music 3Mind Blight proves that he has not lost an inch of his touch and bombastic vocal delivery, regardless of his many rap incursions in the past.

One of the things that more prominently caught my attention is how exceedingly rich the instrumentals sections are. It would seem that throughout the runtime of the record, every instrument gets its due diligence and is allowed to showcase wares.

Swift drumming follows a brilliant display of fast fingers and inflexible guitar riffs. While the production values and technology continues to improve since 3Mind Blight’s debut effort, the rage, lyrics, and vocal theatrics matches the bone-crushing music all the way.

Delivering one of his best metal tracks, “Reaper” will impact audiences with its unrelenting energy and vocal presence. Given his artistic trajectory, selection of stylistic lines, and astute navigation of music’s most diverse trends, this track once again shows that 3Mind Blight is a special kind of musician.

His artistic edges are sharpened, his production magnified, and his vision focused. From the guttural grinding of guitars to the blends of singing and growling, to the mix of hectic and dark atmospheres, that 3Mind Blight touches upon the most hard-hitting elements found in his discography. “Reaper” contains grit and ferocity, coming at the listener like a primal charge.


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Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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