MOSTLY EMPTY Release the Official Video for “After Life”

MOSTLY EMPTY is a musical act from Pittsburgh, PA, created by Nicaraguan-American musician Mariano Torrez in 2018. The name came at a time where the artist felt he had not much left to give and was willing to put it all out there to express himself freely. Deeply personal experiences have allowed the artist to voice personal feelings through these songs. His songs evoke feelings experienced over multiple stages of his life, ranging from deep anger, doubt, regret, and hopefulness.

MOSTLY EMPTY’s latest track, and video clip, “After Life”, tells a story of confronting the bad in life and leaving it all behind. The song’s clean alt-rock sound pairs nicely with the singer’s mellifluous and nuanced voice, and is clearly intended to crack mainstream radio. It’s actually nice to hear an indie act make music that can compete with the major label commercial music in terms of sophisticated production and catchy accessible tunes.

In fact, “After Life” is a downright good song, no matter which way you slice it. MOSTLY EMPTY belts out a compelling and excellent chorus melody, while the instrumental performances provide an excellent backdrop. Talent is certainly not an issue for this project.

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