Twenty Questions

Interview with Award-winning rap artist, entertainer, social activist and businessman – Diamond Thomas

Diamond Thomas is an award winning New Jersey Hip Hop Pioneer who has been actively involved in the arts community since 1983. He’s the executive [more…]

New Releases

Herman Martinez: “Secret Doors Hidden Stairs: Season 2” combines multiple atmospheres, rhythms and sounds

Self-taught musician and multi-instrumentalist, Herman Martinez, is back with a brand new album entitled, “Secret Doors Hidden Stairs: Season 2”. The singer-songwriter from New Jersey, [more…]


Scotty Nando: “Finesse” Prod. by The Hectic Jwet Boyz – to complex to be boxed in!


Young Haitian artist Scotty Nando is busy promoting his track “Finesse” produced by The Hectic Jwet Boyz. Scotty Nando is emerging from the crowd with [more…]