Indianadesolate’s ‘The Sheol of Life’: An Epic Symphony of Metal Mastery


Indianadesolate emerged from the rich musical tapestry woven by founder Michael Powers, a figure whose dedication to Heavy Metal transcends boundaries. Rooted in Kalamazoo, Michigan, [more…]

New Releases

Jim.E.Watts – “L.I.E.” (Life Is Easy) is musically expansive and conceptually rich

Saxophonist, guitarist, pianist, drummer and hip-hop artist, Jim.E.Watts is an all-round musician who has been writing and producing music since his early teens. Artists such [more…]


JonPaul Wallace To Drop Brand New Single “Love’s Not For Everyone” On January 14th, 2022

JonPaul Wallace is a singer-songwriter from Detroit, MI. His style blends current pop and hip/hop sounds with the Motown soul of his hometown. JonPaul’s career got [more…]