New Releases

Dylan Tauber – “He Loves Carmen” is a gorgeous album – in both its ambition, and its high production level!

Dylan Tauber is emerging as one of the most exciting, consistent and cerebral electronic producers in the game. Crossing every digitally created genre, into an [more…]

New Releases

Blue Soul Ten – “This Is Worth It” – unrelenting perfection reigns across the thirteen tracks!

As Blue Soul Ten, Claye Greene creates lush and flowing jazz compositions juxtaposed against soulful textures, ambient atmospheres, and throbbing hip-hops beats. In the game [more…]

New Releases

MOON AND ARIES – “THE ARRIVAL” is their most affecting and rewarding release to date!

The enigmatic and creative duo, made up of German composer & producer Tom Aries, and Canadian writer & singer, Jordana Moon, better known as MOON [more…]


Danilo Gossain: “SALSA CHILL” is enchanting and captures you the minute you hear it!

Danilo Gossain is a twice nominated LatinGrammy producer, arranger, and percussionist. Passionate about music from a young age Danilo began his studies in Bogota, Colombia [more…]


Art Tawanghar: “Buddha Lounge” combines multi-cultural songs and a variety of instruments

In his career Art Tawanghar has accumulated many accolades and awards while touring around the world and performing in front of thousands of people. An [more…]


Art Tawanghar: “Distorted Time” Ft. EMILIA LOPEZ-YANEZ Radio Remix – artistic evolution!

“Distorted Time” is a maxi single diveded into  4 remixes. This Art Tawanghar creation grew out of his collaboration with composer Ruth Weber.  The two [more…]


Gentle Jammers: “Comfortably Sitting in the Lounge of Soul” – a blend of smooth, sultry melodies and impeccable keyboard work


Gentle Jammers is the alter-ego of Rossano Gentili, an Italian musician, founder and keyboard player of the band Dirotta su Cuba, songwriter and producer with [more…]


Carrier 21: “In The Cloud” – the total sum of their sound is just spectacular and addictive!

Carrier 21 is a Belgian band based in Antwerp. Their style is a fusion influenced by electro pop, indie rock and lounge. They also add [more…]