Art Tawanghar: “Distorted Time” Ft. EMILIA LOPEZ-YANEZ Radio Remix – artistic evolution!

Art Tawanghar
Art Tawanghar

“Distorted Time” is a maxi single diveded into  4 remixes. This Art Tawanghar creation grew out of his collaboration with composer Ruth Weber.  The two wanted to create a never-been-done before duet for the Oboe and Duduk.  Tawanghar “distorted” the original four-four meter of Weber’s classical melody and melded in elements of jazz and middle-eastern music to create this wonderful hybrid.  The Oboe is played by Emilia Lopez-Yañez, a graduate from Chapman University.

The song infuses world instruments from Turkey, Persia, and India and combines standard, jazz, pentatonic, and non-standard semi-tone scales.

Not tagged easily in awkwardly named genres or subgenres, Art Tawanghar is moving in an ambient class of his own, mixing the organic and the electronic in captivating layers. This creative, is one of the brilliant minority of producers that is always moving forward, and always pushing his sound in new and interesting ways.

Emilia Lopez-Yañez
Emilia Lopez-Yañez

And this latest release shows no signs of slowing down. A truly innovative producer, Tawanghar treats all of sound as his instrument, and he plays it with a confident, refreshing virtuosity.

Art Tawanghar has built a monumental narrative in the form of this maxi single, each conveying a starkly different feel on the central theme of time, and the ‘stretching and bending’ thereof. Through his eclectic production style and ability to build such a powerful atmosphere, he takes us on a brilliant ride, flaunting his experimental finesse and sheer range when it comes to arrangement and production.

As consistently interesting and technically compelling as “Distorted Time” is, at the same time Tawanghar is not afraid to be as adventurous as he wants to be.

Ruth Weber
Ruth Weber

There are no real weak spots on this track, and hardly even places for improvement, as the sheer technical scope of it, is admirable in and of itself. “Distorted Time” is Art Tawanghar at the height of his powers, the culmination of continuous work in progress, and artistic evolution.

It’s a vivid and complete track, well thought out and executed with style, especially Emilia Lopez-Yañez’s Oboe, which is warm, inviting and sultry.

“Distorted Time” is the result of a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques most of which are strung together expertly and imaginatively. Tawanghar paints an elegant scene blending Eastern and Western elements, and his ability to immerse the listener in gorgeous musical escapism is better than ever.

Not even the harshest of critics could say that the “Distorted Time” Feat. EMILIA LOPEZ-YANEZ Radio Remix is unoriginal or unimpressive, and we cannot wait to see what Art Tawanghar does next.

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