Shihpin the Livecoder – “Stranger Than You” – the apotheosis of electronic music creation

Shihpin the Livecoder is a solo male artist born in Tokyo, Japan, who uses a live-coding programming language to make tracks. He has performed live [more…]


iakopo: “Supernatural” – be moved and grooved by impassioned vocals and killer choruses!

Listening to “Supernatural” by iakopo makes me wistful for the days when razor-sharp, super tight rhythm sections, wonderful harmonies, colorful lyrics and good melodies were [more…]


Kaori Åström: “Songs for Airports” gives flying and airports an almost elevated spiritual sensitiveness

Kaori Åström is a composer and songwriter originally from Japan, currently based in California, US.  She started playing piano at the age of four and composing at [more…]