Briskii: Decoding the Irresistible Allure of “Party Hard” ft. Sloth in the Global Soundscape


Briskii & Sloff, the dynamic duo comprising the budding UK hip-hop virtuosos Brian Hudson and Samuel Ward, have long been blazing a trail on the [more…]

New Releases

CS Fresh – ‘Stick Em Up’ (ft. President T & Omez) – blend of chopping flows, technical rhymes, and an unwavering passion

In the gritty streets of Birmingham, UK, where the beats reverberate through the urban jungle, a lyrical force of nature has emerged. CS Fresh, a [more…]


G.T.B. Kartel – “The Block Next Door” – A perfect storm of beats, flows and lyrics!

G.T.B. Kartel is a rising hip-hop duo hailing from the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. Comprised of two talented brothers, GTB Ball Hard and GTB Gasman, [more…]


Matthew Carroll: ‘Left To Burn’ – takes on the inanity of today’s pop with intelligence

Matthew Carroll is a singer, band leader, and song writer based out of Birmingham, Alabama. His debut album, ‘Left To Burn’, will be available on [more…]