The Ryda: “Sin City Diaries – Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue” – a dose of advanced lyricism and eye-opening concepts!

“Sin City Diaries – Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue” is the latest project by The Ryda. It is an album filled with intricate lyrical abilities, creative lines, epic beats, warm textures, darkness and more. Throughout the album’s 6-tracks there is a consistent dose of advanced lyricism and delivery, eye-opening concepts and content which crossover into diverse musical styles, preferring electro soundscapes and hard booming drums.

The Ryda trademark sounds, work in a collection of very progressive, very enlightening rap speeches that will have you questioning the very foundation of your core belief system. This prodigious artist incorporates a deep, coarse, baritone style giving himself a mark of genuineness and realness that might have vanished had the album not contained a thunderous voice to match the unremitting machismo.

ryda-coverRough lyrics and a pumping, pounding beat with an eerie, ominous music line greet the ears in “No Way Out”, and the pugnacious trend continues in “Crazy” with more of The Ryda’s hard, intricate rhymes there. In “Grind It Hard”, the bellicose The Ryda puts everyone in their place over a serious, reflective synth line, claps, more strong drums and strong vocal arrangements. “My Gyal” forges an obsessed Dancehall-tinged rhythm, while “This & That” will defiantly bang its way across any dance floor, and “Do it Right” rumbles over an inventive era-defining anthemic sound.

The Ryda might have been slept on in the past despite being a rhyme animal and a fiery pheromone-loaded emcee, but now it’s going to be damn near impossible to deny the supreme greatness of him on “Sin City Diaries – Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue”. There is no question this album is an instant classic. The Ryda is one of those rappers who aren’t afraid to let people know what’s on his mind and I like that. It takes some serious fortitude to bypass conventional methods of mainstream music production and release something as original as this. This album is dope for true fans who hate the garbage on the radio and it’s for those who remember what hip-hop was all about. The Ryda is talented as can be and is often thought provoking with an amazing delivery and solid word play.

I can hear a lot of various influences bleeding through The Ryda’s style, but it all culminates into his own creative and innovative presentation. Aside from the emotional and skillful art delivered through his flows, it’s The Ryda’s raspy voice that is absolutely unique – a mix between Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule that hits the mark dead on and is at his best. The beats and rhymes are unquestionable on “Sin City Diaries – Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue”. There’s not a single bad thing I can say about this album, not one!


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    I hear it and this shit is Crazy !! The Beats and The rhymes.. Damn he kill. His Voice so Deep and with much Energy . I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Tracks are bouncing

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