Lindsay Cardy: “Nothing to Prove” has a fierce intensity!

Lindsay Cardy’s childhood was surrounded by music and theater. In 2012, Michael Obrycki found her showing off her pipes in a video cover of Christina Aguilera’s song “Hurt” on Facebook. The two have been creating tunes and getting into shenanigans ever since. In 2016 Lindsay decided to give her music a brand twist, and launched her official her debut single “Nothing to Prove”. Lindsay is currently working on an EP, with the release date still to be announced.

Lindsay Cardy
Lindsay Cardy

For many years I found it curious that the female vocalists aside from opera I tend to listen to are from a bygone era. They all could touch some nerve and be listened to for hours on end. And they all had gorgeous voices. Modern female singers tend to have engineered voices and their music tends to be of the lowest caliber lacking any sort of soul.

I all about gave up on them. Then Lindsay Cardy comes along. Wow. I must say, I was blown away. Firstly by her vocals and then by her stunningly captivating demeanor- yes I have watched the video of “Nothing to Prove” countless times, and Lindsay has a magnetism that is out of this world, it goes beyond beauty, she forges an almost fierce intensity.

And if you think this preamble has nothing to do with her music, you’re wrong and probably don’t understand what the importance of having ‘the whole package’ may mean to how an artist and the music is perceived by an audience.

Lindsay manages to cram so much sass and attitude into one fleeting glance; it’s a pure delight to watch her, as much as it is listening to her…over and over again. Her voice can glide with apparent ease across slower, high-flying notes, but equally manages to rumble and bellow when the soaring choruses arise.

“Nothing to Prove” is a journey of self-discovery, determination and self-empowerment, through the eyes of a wise, wary and confident woman, who just happens to have a knack for singing amazingly tuneful melodies and hooks.

Lindsay Cardy & Michael Obrycki
Lindsay Cardy & Michael Obrycki

Now, it must be said, she has a great song, arrangement, and production, to color-in with her heartfelt tones and timbres. But her fabulous voice, interpretative skills and intelligence, is what gives this single, its added dimension. It’s what takes it from being a great song to be being a stunning one!

Throughout the entire video, I just felt like Lindsay Cardy had reached out and grabbed my heart in her hand…and was squeezing for dear life.  The music industry is ever-changing, with trends and genres coming and going. Music is being released constantly by so many artists that it really takes something special to rise above the crowd.

I honestly feel that Lindsay Cardy has that something special, but not one of it…tons of it! Her only obstacle is making her way through the labyrinthine marketing phenomena needed to reach her audience, who are just awaiting her arrival – though they may not know it yet. Seriously folks this super talented lady has “Nothing to Prove”!



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