Lazywall: “Invincible” – big riffs, bold sounds and a powerhouse melody

Lazywall was formed in 2003 in Reading, England, by the three Anegay brothers:  Monz, Nao and Youssef. The band’s name is a reference to the wall of the lazy in Tangier, a historic site in the band’s home city. Youssef left the band before they performed their first concert. Primarily, the story of Lazywall is one of two brothers who were taken by grunge and classic rock music at an early age. But it is also the story of cultural exile and a desperate need to go back home.

Something they eventually achieved. Through the years Lazywall has undergone many member changes, with some players leaving and then even returning back to base. The current lineup seems to include Nao (Vocals & Bass), Monz (Drums), Youssef (Guitars) and Younes Fakhar (Oud & Vocals).


Through the years the band has released various recording and received many accolades. They have worked with world-renowned producers, including Steve Albini (Nirvana, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and The Pixies) and Grammy winning artists along the way.

Currently the band is promoting their latest single “Invincible”.  A steady bass rhythm ripples by, followed by some solid and steady drumming. That, in turn, segues into the expansive bombastic crunch of rock n’ roll guitars as the song is carried, on a soaring chorus that climbs higher than you thought it would. It’s dark, building mood climaxes into powerful screams of anguish.  It pulls together for an unexpectedly lovely song.

For me, what makes Lazywall differ from their colleagues is the fact that they have more muscle – the music one, of course: they sound different from any other since they have their own originality that is supported by their rich bass lines, heavy electric guitars and beautiful lyrics.

They have even more though: they’ve got the unique spirit of the title of this track, the one that makes me believe they possess a huge talent and a definite future still ahead. Lazywall has gone on to expand and improve but they started out innovative and talented to begin with, and the proof lies clearly here.

The song has obviously been very meticulously designed, for there are so many effects of sound, complex backing patterns, and the lyrics are articulated to often make you want to ponder their meanings. Add that to the spectacular all-round performance and stunning vocals.

There are big riffs, bold sounds and a powerhouse melody to push “Invincible” to the next level. Lazywall’s songs give so much to the listener and you will find yourself transported by this beautiful music.


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