Kenny Mac: “Rise & Fall” – epic orchestrations to let your imagination roam!

Kenny Mac is a composer and virtual orchestrator from San Francisco, California, the City of Innovation. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Music Composition from the University of California at Davis, where he studied under conductor and composer Christian Baldini (BBC Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas). Since receiving his Music Composition Degree, Kenny has worked with industry professionals and faculty from many institutions all across the Bay Area, integrating his knowledge of modern technology and production/songwriting techniques with the elegance of traditional classical composition.

During April 2016, Kenny Mac released “Rise & Fall” the first mini-album of a series of four – collectively known as “The Rebirth Series.” The 5 tracks were composed, orchestrated, and produced by Kenny Mac, while being mastered by Piper Payne. The artwork was completed by Ian Howerton and Molly Sing.

The Kenny Mac workplace ( Photos by Elani Chan)
The Kenny Mac workplace ( Photos by Elani Chan)

Two moods are masterfully created by the “Rise & Fall”: Kenny Mac’s powerful belligerent orchestration, is sometimes so stirring, it will send you in search of your sword in the attic; and then there are the emotional themes that sweep you with an unforgettable after-battle melancholy and sense of loss.

Throughout this music, Kenny employs a sustained bombast, at times punctuated with lilting string and horn strikes so masterfully loaded with emotion. He also employs choral voices as a mood-inducing musical instrument.

There are a whirlwind of emotions sweeping over you while listening to this majestic series of orchestrations. Its music for all seasons from a movie for all seasons: the tracks on “Rise & Fall” let your imagination roam and your pulse race, with scenes and images from a virtual epic movie flickering in your subconscious.

Although my personal favorites are the wall-shattering, breath-taking “Ascension to Knighthood” and “The Berolithian Warrior“, the slower, ever-building, macabre and ominous “Rise & Fall (feat. Mosa Tsay)” and “Animus (feat. Larisa Kopylovsky)“, are pure gems of this mini-album.

Turn off the lights and crank up the volume sufficiently enough to annoy the neighbors and rattle the windows. Then simply become absorbed in the tonal and compositional richness of it all. If you are a fan of cinematic soundtracks and orchestral works, you will definitely enjoy “Rise & Fall”.

Usually the problem is that when music is written for film purposes, it is often deprived of all listening value without the visuals. Not so with these works, as Kenny Mac reverses the creative process. Instead of his music being composed in support of visual material, “Rise & Fall” is actually written to inspire visual imagery.

You have absolutely nothing to fear if you doubt that this will be worth listening to over and over again!


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