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Ricordi – A Love Song To All Ex-Lovers by Elisa Mammoliti

It was at the Truwan Studio that I first heard Elisa Mammoliti’s lush, wonderful voice on a song written by Clay Joule. There is no question that this is her moment to shine, and she makes the most of it. The female Italian arist Mammoliti, a professional singer and actress who has performed in musical theatre, opera, and multi-media events, adds polish and sophistication to the sleek, cutting-edge rock sound that “Ricordi” represents.

This tune is distinctive because it fuses elements of rock with those of musical theatre, such as elegance and grandeur. Besides the fact that she does have a soothing, engaging voice, the music that acts as her basis is equally as talented as well as intricate as Clay Joule’ words, making these two artists combined almost impossible to top. It would be too easy to throw excessively at making it, too tempting to overheated that musical pie, but under Joule’s watchful ear, there is a warp that unites such talent which backing her up. It has an exquisite flavor. A truly unique one.

Everything is held together by a cohesive melodic mesh made up of open, eagerly-serving percussion, bass lines that pulse and punctuate precisely, and waves of rhythmic guitars. Alex Gusinsky, the electric guitar soloist, takes great pleasure in composing interludes that achieve just enough without disrupting the flow of the song by overplaying. A great musician would never brag about their abilities onstage.

The highlight is undeniably Elisa’s vocal performance. Her rendition had the perfect combination of controlled precision and overwhelming feeling for a song about the past. Thinking back on a relationship that didn’t endure, on a romance that maybe ended a little too soon, might bring up mixed emotions. The song indicates, without really stating so, that one of the two main characters in the narrative and the object of her past love still has regrets about how things turned out. But do so with an unguarded heart. That is what strikes me as so remarkable about Joule’s talent as a poet and a musician.

Lyrically, the song combines thoughtfulness and happiness, nostalgia and a hint of sorrow. And Elisa’s voice does an amazing job of conveying the range of her feelings. As expected from Clay Joule & Truwan Studio crew, it’s a fantastic piece of art. What they’ve accomplished is nothing short of astonishing; they’ve managed to convert all the bravado and excess of rock into something wonderfully delicate by channeling the genre’s energy into calming anthemics, its muscle into serene melody, and its bombast into beatific beauty.

The ability to harness such vitality and transform it into elegance and drama is a unique gift. Definitely a rare skill to possess. The rhythm is replaced by ambient elegance, and the drive by delicacy, making Ricordi a rock song with a classical soul. While the instruments employed are unmistakably those of classic rock, their arrangement and execution are more akin to those of a symphonic, classical, or orchestral band looking to create something expansive and elaborate.

Clay Joule & Truwan Studio, as seen by their most recent releases, is consistently and reliably producing high-quality new music. I can attest to their unwavering commitment to inspiring the globe by elevating the status of music and artists. I have to admit, it’s a fantastic mission.

Here is the official music video for “Ricordi” by the incredible Elisa Mammoliti: https://youtu.be/Ch_hUvsehP0.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5w18bvQ4Tb2tNOUXH8Bjy6?si=1UqmtWVrQ6qMPXf-3w4Qug to listen to music by Ricordi.

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