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Hameed Idowu: “Metanoia II” uses a diverse arsenal of ideas, emotions and tools equally well

Hameed Idowu is a 21 year old Nigerian born singer and songwriter. He released his freshmen EP, “Metanoia I” in 2015 and continued working relentlessly on his sophomore EP, “Metanoia II”, which he released recently; he is hitting the ground running and has a concert June 10th in Baltimore MD. The EP also flaunts the versatility that most major label hopefuls aspire for with their debuts. Machismo and vulnerability, scrapping and boning, rapping and singing: Hammed uses his diverse arsenal of ideas, emotions and tools almost all equally well.

Hameed Idowu
Hameed Idowu

The production is also consistent and manages to flow with a cohesive trap sound, Afro beats and some R&B influences. “Pre Existance” and “Regular” are appropriately haunting, while songs like “Never Know” and “Tell The Truth” coyly integrate trap elements without sacrificing Hameed’s sentimentality.

The tracks sees Hameed Idowu cutting off untrustworthy women and street partners, switching mid-bar between his brawny, visual rhymes and emotional singing to send the messages. He succeeds on “Erekere”, “Letoyen” and “One Day” with sticky, melodic choruses dedicated to words of wisdom and sincerity.

The songs cover predictable topics, but Hameed captures audiences with his varied skill set and distinctive vocals. There’s a sharpness in his tone and flow aided by an almost veteran’s ability to see the game with size and scope, fitting his bars into places where other emcees dare-to-tread.

The album reflects a range of musical moods that give credence to Hameed Idowu’s driven attitude, brought about by both emotional lows and highs. Right from the get-go, the musical range of “Metanoia II” is apparent. He is an artist who knows what works, but he also makes a concerted effort to switch things up a bit, as he does on the EP’s “Outro”.

The EP cover
The EP cover

Hameed also displays spontaneity and seeming improvisation in the structure of his verses. Technically speaking, his delivery here is most unique and impressive. The message and content is always constant, and the ebb and flow of the experience enable a strong diversity of sound, and Hameed adapts to the beats like a chameleon with different colors.

Most of the songs beg to be played loudly in the whip, with a booming baseline that smoothly rides below the flows and singing from Hameed. It may sound trite, but there really is something for everyone who likes trap to pop on this particular outing.

The 9 tracks of “Metanoia II” flow surprisingly well; and though there’s no room to cut any fat, as it doesn’t drag on the way many rap albums do. Hameed Idowu will probably remain in the headlines for the rest of 2016, but it’s clear that he’ll make the most of the spotlight as one of rap’s more promising young voices.


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