Chinx Phase: “Limbo” – narrating personal experiences as a player

Chinx Phase is an up and coming rapper hailing from South London with Jamaican heritage which shows in my music.  Chinx who says he has been rapping all his life, describes his music as a mix of UK and American rap/hip-hop with a Caribbean twist.

If you are familiar with the styles of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame, then you know exactly what to expect here. If you are a fan of them and you enjoy this style of music then grab “Limbo” because you will get exactly what you expect out of this.

Chinx Phase
Chinx Phase

To begin this, you need to throw out any preconceived notions of what constitutes USA gangsta rap, hip-hop, and even American commercial rap…this is UK Rap. This track, though belonging to a very identifiable strain of rap is a beast all its own. Sure it owes itself to the gigantic organic beat and has a slightly less dark menace of a softer DMX, but again it is all its own.

Chinx Phase isn’t interested in painting street pictures as bleak as possible in the hopes of glorifying the situation or shining a light into the blackness simply to show it exists, he’s interested in narrating personal experiences as a player within his world of events, weed, women and song on “Limbo”.

When you make a song, you try to follow the trends yet you have to stand out with your own recipe (no matter what you decide to apply to your mix). This is what Chinx Phase achieves with this track. And I have to respect him for it and give credit where credit is due. Most people don’t pay proper attention to UK rap music, allowing the usual prejudice against the UK or European rap culture to blind any opinion.

But if you’re one of those people who actually listen to a lot of different Hip-Hop artists you’ll find Chinx’s music is good, it’s often motivating and insightful. “Limbo” shows why Chinx is a true artist and should be ranked with the best in the underground game, from across the pond.

The track has a slow-burning keyboard groove with sure-footed kicks and crisp highs, as Chinx flows carefully with step by step metaphors. The real highlight of the song is found with its catchy hook in the chorus.


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