Cassidiom: “The Recovered Mixtape” is the product of an honest, uncompromising, righteous artistic vision

Singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, father and musician; Cassidiom has been making music since 1999. With 4 published mixtapes he has a long underground track record. Seasoned in songwriting, fast and slow rap and singing, in May 2016 a new EP is due to release. In the meantime we get to uncover last year’s release, “The Recovered Mixtape”. This mixtape is a sonic blast that oversteps genres.

Cassidiom talks, rants, rocks, and raps all the way through. No soft spots. “The Recovered Mixtape” is the product of an honest, uncompromising, righteous artistic vision, and that’s what makes great art. Whether the artist is a bank teller, a crackpot, a madman or a prophet makes no difference. It’s the strength of the vision that counts. And this recording has plenty of strong vision.

Cassidiom-350Cassidiom’s brilliant mind has blossomed into an entire new sub-genre of Hip-hop music. He is helping the sound of rap evolve and allowing it to have no limits. Of course he might risk getting put down for this but that is expected because a lot of kids into hip-hop aren’t really open minded enough to change. Hip-hop is getting old since the mainstream popified it, rap has died since it became all about the “bling”.

Cassidiom is evolving the sound and I love it. These songs are based upon a side of reality rarely detailed in music in quite the way that Cassidiom has chosen to bring it. There is something for everyone here. The rap lover can bump it loud, while the alternative fan can amp up on the stirring blend of energy that this recording has.

Cassidiom isn’t afraid of showing his creative side and boiling his brand of crossover alternative Hip-hop down to its roots. Checkout songs like “Void”, “Out of Control”, “Comfortable”, “Ben Jammin’” and “Ladders”, for something completely different, to what your mainstream ears are normally tuned to. Clearly the greatest thing about Cassidiom is he really doesn’t give a f*ck what people think.

He does what he does, and enjoys every second of it. The feeble minds will obviously struggle with the eclectic deliveries and themes here, because Cassidiom simply asks your brain to actually process something unique, deep, and completely different than the usual mundane, droning garbage out there. The beauty is that once you come to grips with this sound Cassidiom will grow on you like wildfire.

Cassidiom has put together something with “The Recovered Mixtape” that should not be overlooked by any rap fan. The new EP release is supposed to be right around the corner and I’m looking forward to seeing how Cassidiom improves his craft. This man is more than a hip-hop or rap sensation, he may be the future of underground alternative hip-hop!


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